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  Postpartum recovery three time mean
  1、黄金期:产后42天—6个月内,属于山东产后恢复的黄金期。此时,产后的身体为脆弱,各项身体指标均处于严重失衡状态,如果在这段时间 内,气血得不到恢复,残留毒素就无法有效清除,很容易拖延恶化成为各种疾病。这个时期也可以做一次满月发汗,排出体内湿寒,恢复健康状态。
  1, the golden period: postpartum 42 days - 6 months, belongs to the gold period of postpartum recovery. At this point, postpartum body the most vulnerable, various physical indexes in serious imbalance, if during this period, a restoration qi and blood, can effectively remove residual toxin, it is easy to delay the deteriorated into a variety of diseases. This period can also do a full moon sweating, eduction body raw, restore health.
  Phase 2, ideal: female ideal recovery period. After a period of gold recovery, toxin has been basically cleared, itself of qi, blood recovery have been basically completed, is in the best time to restore the body damage.
  3, the period of validity: within a year and a half to three years after, belongs to the end of the recovery of postpartum women. At this stage, should carry on the comprehensive control, make the body function to achieve the best balance, a smooth transition to a normal life.