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Based on the attitude of one person to eat before birth and two people to fill, mother will increase the weight of 12 to 15 kg during pregnancy. However, after postpartum deduction of baby weight, amniotic fluid, placenta and uterus weight about 5-6 kilograms, the excess 7-10 kilograms will gradually decrease within 6 months after postpartum, therefore, the postpartum body shaping plan is quite important.
Apart from allowing mothers to build their bodies and restore self-confidence, they can also improve shoulder and neck discomfort caused by raising children. It is suggested that a natural way to achieve the effect of body molding, feeding milk can consume more than 500 calories a day, and increase the mother's metabolic rate, so it can let mothers easily thin.
In addition, postnatal mothers have more babies to take care of, and there is more time for them to lie down and rest.
At the same time, it is suggested that some convenient, useful and practical sports planning should be carried out at home. It is only necessary to exercise the parts that need to be strengthened and repaired after postpartum, including abdominal movement, shoulder neck and hand movement.
Improvement of back pain of low back acid - abdominal exercise
As a result of pregnancy, the abdomen becomes larger, the gap between the rectus abdominis muscle becomes larger, the arrangement of the abdominal muscles is changed, the support and coordination between the abdominal muscles and the dorsal muscles are affected, and the largest main cause of the back pain in the prenatal and postpartum is the back pain of the lumbar acid. In general, the weakness of the abdominal muscles, too large fetal and multiple births before pregnancy can lead to a larger gap between the rectus abdominis, which requires more training, but it is still closed.
1. Time
Postnatal regulation of hormones can accelerate the closing velocity of rectus abdominis muscle. 5-7 days after natural birth and 10-14 days after caesarean section.
2. Move: abdominal breathing. Tighten the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.
功效 建议每天睡前重复做二十至五十次,就像在腹部绑上束腹带一样的效果,以达到腹部平坦及收紧阴道肌肉的效果,并且可以明显改善产后腰酸背痛。
It is recommended to repeat twenty to fifty times a day before bedtime, as if the abdominal band is tied to the abdomen to achieve smooth abdominal and tightened vaginal muscles, and the postpartum back pain can be significantly improved.
Practice: supine, double knees bent, nose breathing, mouth like a slow blow of blowing a candle, as far as possible to tighten the abdomen, but do not hold your breath, at the same time, it will tighten the abdominal muscles and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles at the same time.
Improvement of shoulder and neck movement in tenosynovitis
During the period of postpartum care, the baby needs several feeding and milking movements a day, and the baby's weight is increasing.
Often causes the mother's shoulder and neck pain, even tenosynovitis appears. To prevent and improve tenosynovitis, do the following exercises.
1. Time
It begins two to five days after natural delivery and seven to ten days after cesarean section.
2, style 1: shoulder neck movement to relax the muscles of the neck
Efficacy: relax the muscles of the neck and feel more comfortable.
Practice: standing, the feet are open naturally, the waist is straight, one hand stride over the head, the palm holds the side ears, and the side of the hand is gently pressed to the hand, so that the lines of the neck muscles are lengthened gently, and the two sides are alternately pressed.
3. Action 2: Wall Climbing, Strengthened Arm Muscle Stretching
Efficacy: it can enhance the activity of shoulder joint and strengthen the extension of arm muscles to avoid the occurrence of tenosynovitis.
Practice: the side is on the side of the wall, the unilateral arm is pressed close to the wall, the finger is climbing up the wall along the wall, as far as possible to extend and maintain the stop movement, and the two arms are alternately alternately.
4, recruit 3: screwdriver. Strengthen arm muscle extension.
Efficacy: it can strengthen the stretching of the arm muscles and avoid the occurrence of tenosynovitis.
做法:站立,双脚自然张开,腰部挺直,将单侧手肘弯曲成90 度,另一侧手协助将其手臂推向对侧,并同时向上推,直到背部肌肉有伸展的感觉时停留,两侧轮流。
Practice: standing, the feet are open naturally, the waist is straight, the unilateral elbow is bent into 90 degrees, the other hand helps to push the arm to the opposite side, and push up at the same time, until the back muscles have the feeling of stretching, and the two sides take turns.