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The vast majority of women have changed their physique after pregnancy, such as body fat, abdominal bulge, buttocks widening, thighs becoming thicker. Excessive postpartum supplements, reduced activity and body size will become more bloated.
So a lot of new mothers worry about their body shape to be ugly, just after the birth of the baby, they can not wait to use the belt or tight underwear, the waist, abdomen, buttocks tightly wrapped, think so can make the shape of the body can be restored as early as the first. In fact, this way can not only restore the body shape very well, but also affect the recovery of reproductive organs and pelvic tissues, resulting in diseases.
Parturients with natural childbirth, postpartum girdle or tight underwear.
Not only does it help to restore the tension of the abdominal wall, it also increases the abdominal pressure.
After birth, the support of the pelvic floor support tissue and the ligament to the reproductive organs is reduced, which can lead to the drooping of the uterus, the severe posterior flexion of the uterus, the prolapse of the anterior and posterior vaginal walls.
(3) the changes in the normal position of the reproductive organs can make the blood flow of the pelvic cavity of the parturient and the resistance decrease, which can easily cause various gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammation, adnexitis, pelvic congestion syndrome and so on, which seriously affect the health of the parturient.
These fats will not disappear quickly due to the use of abdominal bands or tight underwear during the puerperium.
Normal delivery of parturient to restore the shape of the body, postpartum exercise is very important, do more leg lifting, sit up and so on, can enhance the abdominal muscle tension, and the most important is lactation. The fat accumulated on the hips is almost exclusively for breast-feeding. Postpartum breastfeeding promotes the recovery of the uterus and helps to restore the shape of the body. It is also very important for the growth and development of the newborn.
However, if there are any special circumstances, the pregnant woman may use the abdominal belt appropriately.
(1) if the parturient is Caesarean section, the abdominal band is wrapped in the abdominal band within 7 days after the operation, which can promote the healing of the wound, but it should not be used for a long time after the abdominal disassembly.
(2) the maternal body is too thin or the visceral organs have drooping symptoms, with the use of the abdominal band on the viscera to lift the efficacy, but when the organs are reset, it should be loosened to the abdominal band.