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1. lactation times
If Bao Ma is not completely emptying in every breast-feeding, or the number of breast-feeding times a day is too small, then it will lead to breast milk deposition, the time is long, it will slowly inhibit the secretion of milk, and will also lead to the nutritional value of milk slowly weakened.
For the breast-feeding of the newborn, it is suggested that the first two months of birth of the baby be lactation 8-10 times a day, ten minutes each time, three months later to every 4 hours, so that it can effectively promote the secretion of breast milk, so that the baby eat well, grow fast.
2. mother nutrition supplement
Mother itself plays an important role in the secretion of breast milk. The mother's nutrient absorption is not good and the supplement of various nutrients is insufficient. Then it will directly affect the quality and secretion of breast milk. If it is found that breast milk is not enough, then we can drink some soup properly, such as pig's hoof soup, big bone soup and so on.
3. is the rest full
Want to breast milk secrete more, full rest is necessary, Bao MA in lactation period to ensure their sleep time, to know too much fatigue and stay up late, for the secretion of breast milk has a great impact, but also for the health of the health of Bao Ma is also adverse. During the lactation period, Bao Mama should ensure that there are at least 7 hours of sleep every day, and it is usually best not to wear a corset with a steel ring to prevent the oppression of the breast.
4. hormone levels in the body
The main reason for mother's breast milk secretion after postpartum is the rapid decline in female hormones and progestin in the mother's body, which relieves the inhibition of the secretion of prolactin in the body, and the mammary glands begin to secrete a large amount of milk. Therefore, in normal life, breastfeeding mothers should try to keep away from foods that may cause hormonal disorders, fried foods and spicy foods.
5. emotional factors
The secretion of breast milk and mother's emotion can not be separated, but many mothers will ignore, if mamma mother mood is often sad, anxiety and other negative, then not only milk secretion will be a lot less, the quality of milk will also decline, so the mother in lactation period is better to keep a calm and happy. Mood.
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