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Postpartum molding perfect shape is all women dream of the thing, and postpartum sitting moon is a key period, women must hold this period, pay more attention to the diet much sleep, do not think that the child breastfeeding will cause their own fat, in fact, breastfeeding can help women to lose weight.
Generally speaking, the majority of puerpera can basically recover their body shape in the short term after confinement. Some mothers are especially worried that they should eat more and drink more milk to feed their children, which will make themselves fat and affect their physique, so they will not breast feed their children. In fact, it is not a big drink, fat and fat milk. Nursing body shape and beauty
The amount of milk is not only controlled by endocrine hormones, but also depends on the development of breast tissue itself (this is a congenital condition). In addition, in order to maintain sufficient milk, the mothers should be able to eat and live in the period of breastfeeding, the rhythm of life should not be too tense, and some protein rich foods (such as lean meat, eggs, etc.), and more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially the soup, such as chicken soup, pig's hoof soup, carp soup, etc. At the same time, keep the spirit happy. Develop the habit of regular lactation, so that babies can regularly suck the nipples, which can promote breast secretion reflexive and maintain adequate milk volume.
每次哺乳要尽量把乳房吸空,若乳汁过多或因其他原因不能吸完,可以用吸乳器把多余的奶吸出,因为每次乳汁吸得越干净,越有利于下次乳汁的分泌。由上可见,在哺乳期只要摄取适量的营养就行了,并非吃得好吃得多,长得肥胖,乳汁才多。 避免产后肥胖,首先要改变传统“坐月子”的观念,卧床休息应与适当活动相结合,保持各种营养素的摄入,少吃甜食,控制脂肪摄入,坚持哺乳。
Every time suckling should try to suck the breast to the empty, if the milk is too much or can not be sucked out for other reasons, you can use the milk sucking device to suck out the excess milk, because the more clean the suckling milk is, the more conducive to the next milk secretion. It can be seen from the above that in the lactation period, only the right amount of nutrition is taken, not eating much better, getting fat and having more milk. To avoid postpartum obesity, first of all, we should change the traditional concept of "sitting on the moon". Bed rest should be combined with appropriate activities, keep a variety of nutrients intake, eat less sweet food, control fat intake, and persist in lactation.
As for breast shape, doctors believe that breast enlargement is not caused by lactation, but increases before breast feeding. In order to maintain the beauty of maternal body shape, there are two points to be paid attention to: first, when the mother obviously increases the breast in the late pregnancy, it should be put on the breast to put up the breast to prevent the heavy extension of the tissue and skin when the breast is heavy; two, the mother should prevent the excessive growth of weight during pregnancy and lactation, because obesity is also the cause of the breast. The important reason for loosening.