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1. nursing for first days after delivery
(1) after 6 hours postpartum, the medical staff will observe the nature of uterine contraction, lochia and vaginal bleeding per hour, check the wound and ask whether there is any discomfort for the parturient, and remember the amount of bleeding for 24 hours, and the new mother should remember to give the blood quantity paper to the doctor nurse. Three times a day to measure body temperature, pulse, and even for three days, you must actively cooperate with the doctor.
(2) parturient should pay special attention to cleaning the pudendum after delivery, and wipe the pudendum with 0.25% iodophor two times a day, then clean with water from the front to the back.
(3) women should have more rest after birth, and watch TV and books as much as possible.
(4) in order to prevent cross infection, neonatal bathing and treatment should be carried out at last. The new mother should carefully observe his whole body skin condition. In addition, all clothes and bedclothes must be sterilized before they can be used again.
2. nursing for second days after delivery
(1) the medical staff will check the lactation condition of the parturient. If you need to return the milk, the doctor will give the milk medicine and take it according to the doctor's advice.
(2) doctors will also guide the mothers to perform anal contraction exercises and rehabilitation exercises, check the bottom of the uterus and count the amount of bleeding for 24 hours, so that the new mothers should cooperate actively.
(3) spectrum or infrared radiation to the perineum, new mothers should pay attention to avoid perineal burns, while maintaining perineal cleanliness.
3. nursing for third days after delivery
(1) let the baby suck more milk and avoid breast milk. The doctor will teach milk milking.
(2) new mothers can ask doctors about all kinds of neonatal feeding and nursing problems.
(3) most newborns will turn to pediatrics, and new mothers should be psychologically prepared.
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