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  Now parents have paid more and more attention to the training of mother to child nursing teachers, and many families have babies who have taken mother to child nursing training schools as an object of consultation. With the continuous improvement of the economy, parents' choice of mother to child nurse training can be said to be one hundred. Shandong postpartum recovery through a variety of channels to query the national regular mother and child nursing training institutions and detailed inquiries. Therefore, a good maternal and child care nurse training school is very important for job seekers.
  First, breastfeeding
  The main reason for postpartum obesity is that it absorbs too much heat and leads to excess heat being converted to fat. Breastfeeding helps to solve many of the calories that new mothers accumulate before childbirth. Science has proved that a large amount of secretion of milk can effectively deplete the accumulated heat in the body, which is very helpful for new mothers to lose weight. Postpartum if not breast-feeding, the body does not release heat, but it is easy to make the mothers get fat.
  Two, moderate exercise
  If the new mother's body is in normal delivery and the postpartum recovery is better, then two to three days after delivery, the new mother can begin to do some simple movements, such as the movement of the upper limbs and the movement of the lower limbs. But pay attention to the whole puerperium do not use excessive abdominal pressure movement, such as the upper body weight squatting and so on, like such movements to minimize; maternal joints are not stable, stretching exercise, to avoid excessive movements lead to injury.
  Three, proper diet
  In order to ensure the baby's nutrition, many mothers eat crazily, all kinds of soup to drink, no planning, no quantitative. This is the right way to make up the nutrients that can't all be transformed into breast milk, feeding them to the children, and more fat is stacked down to become a painful belly, a swimming ring.
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