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    If a woman's long period of menstruation is not adjusted, it should help the body to relieve the body through drugs or dietotherapy, but also pay attention to strengthening the body immunity. For a long period of irregular menstruation, we can also consider choosing some Qing Gong detoxification and regulating endocrine Chinese medicine for relief and treatment.
    1.药物清宫Drug clearing house
    If the residual tissue in the intrauterine is not much, it will not need to be operated on at this time, but it needs to be treated with a color Doppler examination before treatment to judge the situation of the remnants. If the drug fails, it needs to be treated with the operation of the palace. At this time, the injury to the uterus will be greater. It requires a long rest and effective care for the body.
    2.手术清宫Surgery to clean the uterus
    Mainly in the case of more residual substances in the uterus, if they can not clean them in time, it may lead to the infection of the uterus, the normal physiological function of the uterus, the risk of the excision of the uterus, and the attention to the hot red sugar water after the operation, which can relieve the weakness after the operation. Symptom。
    After the end of Qing palace, we should also pay attention to personal hygiene, to clean up the lochia in time, and to change the underwear frequently. If you want to detoxify the body one month after the operation, if you want to detoxify the body, it is recommended to wait until the body is stable again, and do not eat cold and cold food, so as not to cause cold, abdominal pain and so on. You can eat some nutritious food such as kelp, Auricularia auricula, eggs and milk.