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    1、次检查需要做哪些准备 what preparation needs to be done for the first check
    The first check time should start with the diagnosis of early pregnancy. Doctors usually do a double check to see if the size of the uterus is consistent with the gestational age. It is the basis for predicting the time of birth and is especially important for those with irregular menstruation. Menstrual rhythm, but the size of the uterus is not consistent with the menopause month. We should further examine the cause and give treatment when necessary. I'll measure your basic blood pressure, check heart and lung, blood test, urine routine and related examinations, and guide the next check time.
    2、在约定的检查中要检查什么 What should be checked in the agreed inspection
    After the previous antenatal examination, there were abnormal conditions such as dizziness, headache, dizziness, vaginal bleeding and fetal movement. It helps to ensure the safety and health of pregnant women and fetuses during the whole gestation and childbirth.
    Measure and record body weight and blood pressure, check whether there is edema, anemia, etc., review urine routine and blood routine, to know whether there is urine protein and anemia. Check pregnant women to have heart, liver, kidney, lung and other important organ diseases, vaginal bleeding, edema, hypertension and other pregnancy complications, and give corresponding treatment measures. If pregnant women should not continue to have pregnancy, abortion can be done early.
    To measure the height of the uterus and the abdominal circumference, to know whether the judgment of the size of the fetus is in accordance with the gestational age, and to examine the pelvis, the birth canal, the reexamination of the fetal position, to understand the normal fetal position, to listen to the fetal heart, and to examine the fetus in the uterus when necessary. This can determine whether the fetal development is good, if there is an abnormality to be corrected as soon as possible, if it can not be corrected, the birth plan can be made early to ensure the safety of mother and child.
    3、多长时间做一次检查 How long does a check be done
    If early pregnancy and continuing pregnancy are registered and examined within 12 weeks of pregnancy, a perinatal record should be built and subsequent visits will be established at the beginning of 4 months, every 4 weeks to 28 weeks, 28~36 weeks every two weeks and once a week after 36 weeks to childbirth. The pregnancy test usually takes 10~12 times.
    The main contents of each examination were: after the examination of the previous antenatal examination, if there were any abnormal conditions, whether there were edema, anemia and other conditions, measure weight, blood pressure, uterine height, abdominal circumference, check the fetal position, listen to fetal heart, check the condition of fetus in the uterus and check urine routine and blood routine when necessary. People with high risk factors need to increase the number of tests.