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    For Ms. Amy, pelvic enlargement makes it difficult for female friends to return to prenatal care. So how should a woman recover the pelvis in the postpartum period?
    strengthen the composition of bone nutrition pelvis is not only protein, calcium and fiber and so on, the bone is tough, the pelvis is also more stable and not easy to damage, so the increase of some beneficial to bone food. For example, fish, shrimp, oysters, egg yolks, walnuts, hazelnuts and other calcium and selenium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other trace elements are relatively rich, usually you may eat more.
    The mattress is soft and hard. Many people are not aware of the relationship between mattress and recovery after cesarean section. The soft mattress will make Mommy fall asleep during sleep, the spine, the pelvis will be too powerful and can't get a rest; too hard the bed can oppress the heavier pelvic parts of the body and cause the pelvis to be skewed. Therefore, the ideal bedding should be soft and moderate. In our supine, the body curve and the mattress are completely chimered, and the head and face, the chest, and the pelvis provide the horizontal support for the spine.
    early postnatal exercise will help to restore pelvic pain and alleviate pubic pain. Getting out of bed early can also help bowel movement, reduce abdominal distension and prevent vascular embolism. In the future, you can get out of bed properly every day, but because the wound has not been healed, the first 2-3 days will be more uncomfortable, and the wound can be used to reduce the pain.
    the way of running can also promote the recovery of pelvis. This is because in the running can exercise to the pelvis, insist on a half hour running every day, not only can effectively promote the recovery of the pelvis, but also to achieve a certain weight loss effect.
    Exercise. After the arrival, the legs are slightly open to the shoulder width, then the muscles of both sides of the buttocks are contracted and the thighs are closed to each other. Finally, the knee is rotate and the vagina is raised up.
    Lie on the side of the bed, then put the hips on the edge of the bed, let the legs stop extending and hang up in the air, then hold the edge of the bed with both hands to prevent slipping down, and then lift the legs up slowly up until the legs are lifted up to the upper body and then hold the legs close to the abdomen and then slowly put down the feet. Make the leg back to the original position.