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1. the temperature in the room should not be too high, and it should be ventilated and ventilated regularly. We must stop the closed doors and windows, often open the window and ventilation to keep the indoor air fresh. In order to prevent the new mother from catching cold when she is breathing, she can not use convection, and let her new mother stay in the other room when she changes the air in the room, or open the windows of the rooms when she is out in the sun.
2. when the humidity in the air is too large, the air conditioning can be used to exhaust the wetting function. Indoor humidity is most suitable for about 55%.
3. when the weather is hot, you can use an air conditioner, a fan or a hand fan. The indoor temperature should be kept at about 25 degrees centigrade, and it is suitable for the new mother to feel comfortable. When necessary, you can open the air conditioner or use a fan, but be sure to avoid a direct blow to a new mother. The filter of air conditioning must be washed regularly to prevent bacteria from growing.
4. 刷牙、洗头、洗澡一样也不能少。洗澡最好采用淋浴。一些有害的旧习俗一定要摒弃,例如不能刷牙、洗头等等,是完全没有科学根据的。应该坚持每天淋浴,这样 才能保持肌肤的毛孔通常,正常的排汗。淋浴时注意外阴的清洁,不过千万不要灌洗阴部或者进行盆浴,否则容易引起感染。淋浴后,一定要把身体擦干,以免着 凉。月子里应特别注意保护牙齿,因为在孕期和分娩过程中,妈妈体内的钙质流失比较严重。因此餐后要漱口,睡前刷牙。
4. you can't brush your teeth, wash your head, and take a bath. Shower is best used in bathing. Some harmful old customs must be abandoned, such as cannot brush teeth, wash the head and so on, is completely without scientific basis. We should stick to the shower every day in order to keep the pores of the skin normally and normally perspiration. Pay attention to the vulva clean shower, but don't lavage or pubic bath, otherwise easy to cause infection. After the shower, you must dry your body so as not to catch cold. The moon should pay special attention to the protection of the teeth, because during pregnancy and childbirth, the loss of calcium in the mother's body is more serious. So rinse your mouth after dinner and brush your teeth before going to bed.
Do not use a blower after 5. shampoo. Even hot air can't be. The best way to do it is to be natural.
6. if you feel weak, you can also take a bath. If you feel that you can not take a shower, do not reluctantly, you can let the family help a warm water bath in the morning and evening, then wash your head and wash your feet.
7. 谢绝探望。产后新妈妈需要一定的时间适应新的生活,因此在月子期间最好谢绝亲戚朋友的探望,这样也可以避免人多使室内空气污浊,或带来细菌和病毒,威胁妈 妈和孩子的健康。可以通过电话或网络接受朋友们的祝福,别忘了把小宝宝的照片发给朋友们或放到网上,让大家也分享你的幸福哟! 8.保证睡眠。月子里应该每天保证8-10个小时的睡眠时间。即使夜里因为宝宝吃奶或者哭闹,无法睡好,白天也要趁宝宝睡觉的时候抓紧时间休息。 9.如果感觉太热,无法入睡,可以使用草席。草席清凉但也很温和,千万不能使用麻将席。
7. refuse to visit. Postnatal new mothers need some time to adapt themselves to new life. Therefore, it is better to decline relatives and friends' visit during the month of childbirth, which also prevents people from making indoor air dirty, or bringing bacteria and viruses, and threatening the health of mothers and children. You can receive friends' blessing through phone or Internet. Don't forget to send pictures of baby to your friends or online, so that everyone can share your happiness! 8., ensure sleep. In the month of the moon, 8-10 hours of sleep time should be guaranteed every day. Even in the night because of the baby's milk or crying, can not sleep well, during the day also take advantage of the baby to sleep time to rest. 9. if you feel too hot, can not sleep, you can use a straw mat. Mat cool but also very gentle, do not use the mahjong mat.
Close behavior should be avoided in 10. months. The affectionate behavior between husband and wife should wait until the wife's body is fully recovered. Early recovery of sexual life, because the wound in the uterus has not recovered, it is easy to lead to the puerperium infection, and even cause chronic pelvic inflammation after the bad.