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    The principle of massage is to regulate qi, activate blood circulation, relax tendons and dredge collaterals. Many basic techniques such as point, press, kneading, and so on are adopted, but in practice, various methods should be used to cooperate with each other.
    When prolactation, in order to prevent injury in the massage skin, usually first with oil or moisturizing skin to expose the opponent and breast to lubricate, and then with both hands of the breast around the breast around the breast, gently push to the direction of the nipple, promote blood circulation, dredge the breast tube.
    按摩需注意以下事项:Attention should be paid to the following items:
    Persistence, strength, uniformity, softness and penetration are organic unity. They are closely related, complementary and mutually exclusive.
    The difference between the operation position and the choice of acupoint, the force of the manipulation and the time of operation should be based on the person, the time, the place, the disease, the treatment position, and the effect of the treatment.
    During the whole operation process, the lactation master must concentrate and concentrate on achieving "good intentions, energy and strength" to achieve good therapeutic effect.
    1、滚法按摩 roll method massage
    Relax your wrist and hold your fist. When you roll, the thenar and the back of your hands should be tightly attached to the treatment area. You must not jump, drag or rub.
    The width of the back of the hand is controlled at about 120 degrees, that is, when the wrist is flexed, it rolls outward about 80 degrees. When the wrist is stretched, it rolls about 40 degrees inward.
    The rolling operation should be tightly rolled and moved slowly, that is, the rolling speed should be fast, but the movement should be slow and the amplitude of movement should be small. The action should be uniform and coordinated. Priorities are appropriate. The frequency is about 140 degrees per minute.
    2、摩法按摩 Massage
    MOA is to use palmar palm or index finger, middle finger and unnamed finger to focus on certain parts or acupoints, and use wrist and forearm for circular and rhythmic movement.
    With the palmar surface attached to the treatment site, the fingers should be stretched naturally, making rhythmic ring movements.
    The index finger, middle finger and ring finger are placed together, and the fingers are affixed to the treatment site to rotate in clockwise or counterclockwise direction.
    3、按法按摩 Massage by law
    According to the law, fingers or palms are applied to certain parts or acupoints, and gradually push hard along the vertical direction of the body surface. According to the law, it is a strong stimulation technique, often combined with kneading method to form a kneading compound technique.
    Hold your fist in one hand, straighten your thumbs, use your thumb's finger to focus on a certain part or point, and press down with the strength of wrist and arm from light to heavy. After stimulating the deep tissue, gradually reduce the pressure, then repeat the above actions.
    Massage must pay attention to manipulations. If the manipulation is inaccurate or the hand strength is too big, it may cause the blockage of the glandular tube to aggravate, which may cause inflammation. In addition, breastfeeding mothers should also pay attention to breast hygiene.