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    After having a baby, due to various reasons, it is easy to have the embarrassment of insufficient breast milk. Now breastfeeding is popular, and it is said that such a child is intelligent. Do you want to have enough breast milk? Here are some ways to teach you.
    1.进行适当的乳房护理Proper breast care
    The mother can cover the left and right breasts with a hot towel before each breast-feeding, hold the nipple and the areola with the palm of the hand, and gently press the clockwise or counter clockwise for 15 minutes. The massage through the breast can promote the secretion of prolactin and oxytocin, which can help the mother's milk into the mammary sinus, promote the milk and relieve the bulge.
    2.适当地进补催乳食品Proper supplement of prolactin
    Mother's milk comes from eating food in the final analysis, and the mother should pay attention to the scientific nature of the recipe. Therefore, it is not to be partial to feed during breastfeeding. However, to avoid delivery immediately after the pig hoof soup, carp soup and other high protein high fat diet, which will make the colostrum too thick and cause unobstructed breasts, the first week after childbirth, the food should be light, should be mainly low protein, low fat fluid. After that, nutrition can be appropriately increased. According to personal taste and habits, you can eat more foods that promote milk secretion.
    3.母婴同床,按需哺乳Mother and baby are in bed and breastfeeding on demand
    The secretion of milk is the establishment of lactation reflex and lactation reflex induced by baby sucking, as well as the result of the combination of prolactin and oxytocin secreted by the mother's pituitary gland, the more frequent the sucking stimulation, the stronger the sucking force and the more lactation. Therefore, mother and baby to promote the same bed, according to the need to breastfeed, completely according to the baby's physiological needs to eat, so it is beneficial to the mother milk secretion, in order to fully meet the nutritional needs of the baby.
    4.尽早排空乳房Emptying the breast as early as possible
    Mothers should squeeze out the remaining milk after breast feeding each time. This can promote the increase in milk secretion.
    Because breast emptying every time after breastfeeding can keep breast ducts intact, the secretion of milk will not be blocked.
    After breast emptying, the tension in the breast is reduced and the local blood supply is good. It also avoids the damage to the mammary cells and muscle cells by the excessive pressure in the mammary duct, which is beneficial to lactation and milk.
    5.避免摄入过多脂肪Avoid excessive fat intake
    Lactating women should also pay attention to avoid excessive intake of body fat. Some obese women's breasts seem to have a lot of milk, actually they are fat. Too much fat in the breast is not a good thing. It may lead to blockage of the breast and poor circulation of milk. And there will be some difficulties for mother's recovery later. Remove the oil as much as possible in the food and beverage.