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    Palace cold is a worry for many female friends. The causes of palace cold are roughly divided into two aspects:
    On the one hand, it is related to the physique, such as the cold women in the ordinary day, the deficiency of the body's Yang is easy to appear in the palace cold; on the other hand, the living habits can also cause the cold, such as some women like to eat cold drinks, or for the beautiful dress thin, these habits are easily caused by cold evil aggression and cause the palace cold. So, how should the palace cold be adjusted?
    1、日常饮食调理Daily diet conditioning
    In traditional Chinese medicine, the female constitution is negative. Even in the hot summer, women do not eat a lot of cold drinks, cold melon and fruit and other cold things, on weekdays should also eat some more warm food, such as walnuts, jujube, peanuts and so on. You can also take some donkey hide gelatin and antler glue after menstruation.
    2、注意保暖Pay attention to keeping warm
    The women of the palace cold should keep warm daily. Women who often blow indoor air conditioners in summer are better off wearing a coat so as not to catch cold. Do not always stay in the air-conditioned room. You can walk outside the rest time to make the pores contact with the natural breath of the outside world. If there is chill in the body, you can also spread out.
    3、平时多运动regular exercise
    Movement is the Yang, cold constitution, especially through sports to improve physical fitness. Walking, especially on the pebble road, can stimulate the meridians and acupoints of the foot. It can dredge the meridians, smooth the blood, improve the circulation of blood, and make the whole body warm. To move, the body can be better.