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    A lot of Bao Ma after the birth of the child, found that the body has become worse, the body is also out of shape, that is not the reason for postpartum repair and repair. The following is the postnatal recovery training Xiaobian to give you a detailed account of the reasons.
    pelvic floor muscle: the pelvic floor muscle of the pregnant period bears a lot of pressure, it is very relaxed. If the pelvic floor of the pelvic floor is not closed at this time, it is bound to cause the pelvic floor muscle to relax more. It is bound to hold the uterus, ovary, appendages, vagina, bladder and rectum in our pelvic cavity like the net pocket. Cause vaginal relaxation, drooping, uterine ptosis, bladder sphincter relaxation, which is a lot of mothers post partum prone to leakage of urine, can not hold urine. Even a few months does not leak, and at the age of more than 40 will be laughing and coughing when urine and urinary incontinence.
    Department of gynaecology: the pelvis is not closed, it is easy to get cold again, invade the wet cold and cause the recurrent attacks of gynecologic inflammation, such as vaginitis, pelvic inflammation (the pelvic cavity is easy to become larger, the bacteria are more easily propagated) pelvic effusion, which is why women can easily get inflammation in gynecology after production, and the root cause can not be cured. .
    sensitivity: pelvic tightened three cm, vaginal compact a centimeter, so doing pelvic repair can help to improve the sensitivity of sexual life, is conducive to the happiness of the family, not light physical health, but also reaped the harmony of the sexual life of our family.
    pelvis is located in the middle of our body. It plays an important role in connecting the preceding and following. The symphysis pubis is not closed, in the open state, it is easy to cause misplacement (a lot of bad posture, such as warping the legs, twisting the waist, etc.). A slight misplacement will cause the pain of the waist, the leg pain, the serious long-term dislocation, and the scoliosis. Pelvic repair. There are also pelvic widening, which causes the butt collapse, the lower abdomen is prominent, the uterus can not be placed, and the viscera can not be placed.