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    Pregnancy is a major test for every woman who wants to be a mother. Not only in the psychological and material preparation, but also to make the body fully prepared, only to adjust the body to the state of health, only to have the conditions of successful pregnancy, can take the responsibility of "October".
    Women in the workplace are busy and stressed. Experts suggest that if you want to increase your chances of pregnancy, you must develop good habits, regular meals, and not staying up late. Staying up late is particularly likely to cause sympathetic hyperactivity, which may lead to constipation, acne, and physical damage.
    All kinds of delicious food can not only satisfy the appetite, but also provide various nutrients for the body. It's more important for pregnant women. Whether the fetus grows well or not is very much related to the diet of pregnant mother. Folic acid, iodine and zinc are the three most important dietary factors. Adequate intake can make babies grow better and healthier.
    Some women do not like sports, which is wrong for women who are pregnant. You can move in a fast way. Doing more foot exercises can strengthen the blood circulation of the lower abdominal cavity, reduce the discomfort caused by sitting posture for a long time, and avoid congestion in the brain. Doing sit ups every day under 5~10 can enhance the strength of rectus abdominis. The weakness of rectus abdominis muscle is a sign of poor physical strength, and it also relates to the physiological functions of Ren meridian and uterus. Maintaining good exercise habits can enhance physical strength, which is of great help to the physical load and production of pregnancy.