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    Whether pregnant or postpartum, young mothers want to maintain a beautiful image and become a beautiful treasure. Do not let your love of beauty be ignored with the birth of the baby. Here are four ways to lose weight and reduce weight in the month of Shandong's postnatal recovery training.
    1. reduce the intake of salt or condiments
    The moisture produced by various factors of pregnancy must be discharged slowly after mother's delivery. Therefore, if the food is too salty or seasoning, such as soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup, or pickled food, canned food and so on, it will make the water in the body detained, not easy to discharge, and the body weight can not be reduced naturally.
    2. Implement stage feeding
    In addition, the diet should strive to be light, less salt, avoid fat, eat while eating, chewing slowly, and decline snacks, such as compliance with these principles, the monthly supplement will not be fat, it may be said to be the best.
    3. Use the abdominal band and exercise in time
    It is a long strip of straps that can be produced for pregnant women. They can be freely tied and tied down the body curve, so that the drooping abdomen can be completely lifted and supported and molded.
    In addition, although mothers should avoid labor, moderate exercise is necessary to eliminate the fat and restore elasticity of the waist and buttocks.
    Generally speaking, 14 days after postpartum can start to carry out abdominal muscle contraction, sit up and other sports, like the mother of aerobic dance, it is necessary to wait for 6 weeks to start again. In short, postpartum exercise is persevere and the effect will be surprisingly good.
    4. Breastfeeding
    妈妈的身体为了制造乳汁,会将怀孕期间所储存的脂肪组织一点一点消耗掉。每天制造乳汁,要消耗2092~3347.2焦耳(500~800卡)的热量,一个月后,会比不喂哺母乳的妈妈多消耗62 760~100 416焦耳(15 000~24 000卡)热量,换算成脂肪的话,那就是将近2千克的肥肉!
    In order to make milk, mother's body will consume the fat tissue stored during pregnancy. Make milk every day, consume 2092 to 3347.2 joules (500~800 calories) of heat, a month later, more than non breastfeeding mothers consume 62760~100416 joules (15000~24000 calories) heat, converted into fat, that is nearly 2 kilograms of fat!