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After the birth of the baby in October, the baby is finally born, and the attention of the whole family is gradually transferred to the baby. The first thing is the baby's meal problem, so we begin to seek all kinds of prolactin and milk, and the postpartum training center instructor instruct you to get healthier.
The more you feed, the more milk is secreted. In addition, the mother should contact the baby's skin more often. The sucking of the nipple on the nipple is a good stimulus for the secretion of breast milk. Every time after breastfeeding, the baby is fully sucked into the breast, which is conducive to the re production of milk. If eating too late, the milk is too slow down too little, will also make the maternal "no milk" and mood tension, resulting in a further decrease in the secretion of milk, forming a vicious cycle. It is generally recommended to start lactation soup 3 days after delivery. In addition, mother should pay attention to replenish water when feeding, or drink soya bean milk, almond powder tea, fruit juice and so on, so that the supply of milk will be sufficient and nutritious.
Lack of sleep will certainly reduce the amount of water in the milk. Breastfeeding mothers should pay attention to rest time, during the day, let the husband or family help look after the baby, take the time to take a nap.
Generally, 24 hours after the postpartum chest massage will be beneficial to the milk, through the use of traditional Chinese medicine massage to make the original adhesive, closed, twisted milk tube open, to achieve smooth milk tube, prevent postpartum breast pain, no milk, breast lumps, mastitis and so on, let the baby easy and smooth to eat breast milk.

Postpartum lactation soup is helpful for lactation, but we must master the time well. Prolactation soup drink too early, milk down too fast too much, at this time the newborn can not eat so much, it is likely to make the maternal milk tube blocked and appear breast distension pain, mastitis and so on.
The adequacy of breast milk is closely related to the psychological factors and emotional emotions of new mothers. So, mother in any situation should not be urgent, especially some women are prone to postpartum depression, which is more important to pay attention to, timely adjustment of the state of mind, with a peaceful and pleasant attitude to the life of all, more postpartum recovery training knowledge, please pay attention to the website.