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In the process of breast-feeding, because of the failure to master the correct methods of lactation, the problems of nipple sag, nipple chap, breast distention and pain and flat nipple are easy to occur, which seriously affect the infant's access to breast milk, and also affect the successful feeding of breast milk. The basic treatment of breast problems is described as follows:
Treatment of breast distention and pain: it is better to start breastfeeding at half an hour after childbirth, so as to promote milk smoothness. Before breast feeding, compress the breast with warm water for 3~5 minutes, and massage the breast at the same time to make the mammary duct unobstructed. The first side breast feeding baby hunger due to expansion, when the sucking force, to suck the breast. For breasts with severe pain and severe fever, they should stop breastfeeding and use antibiotics to suck the milk.
Treatment of flat nipple or nipple depression: establish mother's confidence and breast problems will be improved. The baby suck most of the areola rather than the nipple, let the baby touch the breast and skin to the skin early, and help the mother to breastfeed as early as possible, and maintain the correct posture. Try different breastfeeding positions, including the encircling type. Help mothers to make their nipples stand better, use empty needles to suck and milch, and feed them with cups, and the milk that is squeezed will be directly dripped into the baby's mouth.
The treatment of chapped nipple: guiding the correct feeding and bearing posture, feeding can take different positions, each feeding, first sucking the light nipple on one side of the breast, then sucking the heavy side of the breast to alleviate the sucking pain. Let the baby feeding end automatically put down the nipple, don't let the baby to sleep with the nipple. For severe cases, after the end of the nursing, they should be covered with nipple or partly coated with cod liver oil ointment.