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1. nipples are painful. Mostly due to chapped chapped nipple, mainly manifested by nipple surface with different sizes of rift and ulcers, or skin erosion. Nipple breakage is mainly due to the nipple tender of new mothers and improper Nipple Nipples.
Measures: nipple chapped, light can continue to feed the baby, from the lightly injured side to protect the cracked side. After breast-feeding, squeeze a small amount of milk on the nipple. To stop breastfeeding is serious, can use milkpump milk feeding the baby to suck.
2. flat nipples. Some new mothers may not be able to hold nipples because of nipple flattening, introverted depression or nipple protrusion and areola.
Measures: flat or sunken nipples should be corrected during pregnancy. If the nipple is still trapped, the nipple can be worn to help the baby take the nipple, let the baby suck the nipple flat or the side of the lactation, when the baby sucks strong suction, easy to suck the nipple and most of the areola.
3. breast distention and pain. The main change of postpartum breast is lactation. If the mammary duct is blocked, it will make the breast form induration. With the experience of no breastfeeding for new mothers, the secretion of milk can not be discharged in time, so that the mammary duct is dilated, causing breast distention and pain, and causing discomfort to the mother.
Measures: breastfeeding as early as possible, gentle massage helps mammary duct patency and reduce pain.
4. mastitis. Local symptoms such as redness, swelling, heat and pain, or painful nodules, indicate that mothers may suffer from mastitis. When mastitis occurs, usually do not stop feeding the baby, stopping breastfeeding not only affects the infant's feeding, but also increases the possibility of milk deposition.
Measures: milk should be drained as far as possible during lactation. If the baby is too much milk, the baby can't be drained away. The milk should be drained away with the help of the breast pump. The diet should be light and spicy. Breast local suppuration, breast milk should stop breastfeeding, and will be discharged with a breast pump.
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