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Postpartum pelvic restoration of the orthodontic pelvic bone method, women's daily care common sense of big search hands to buy things or to take things into two, so that the maximum to maintain balance. When the satchel also indicated otherwise used every day back, always use side backpack, back and pelvis will skew.
Sit in your feet and sit in the office. You should pay attention to your feet when you sit on the chair. Let the center of the body balance on the legs. Do not cross the legs and make the pelvis skew. It is not conducive to the recovery of postpartum pelvis. When sitting, pay attention to stretch the back muscles, open shoulders and look more graceful.
Wear shoes, shoes must wear fit. The shoes not only wear comfortably, but also make full use of the whole foot when walking. It has a very important role in the recovery of postpartum pelvis. No fixed flat heel will make the ankle force is too large, recommended to wear with a little heel shoes.
If you want to sit on the floor, if you want to sit on the floor, the best position is to stretch your back muscles, sit on your knees, and sit on your knees, but your legs will easily become numb. The legs side seat will cause the pelvis bending, is not conducive to the recovery of postpartum pelvic.
To keep upright, whether sitting on a subway or bus, as long as standing up, we should lay the center of gravity on two feet. One of the reasons why focus on one foot standing side of the pelvis is caused by skew. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to training our legs and waist, and maintain upright state, which is good for postpartum pelvic recovery.