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1. cradle method
Sit upright in the armchair, hold the child in your arms and support the child's body and head with forearms and palms. On the right side, use the left hand support and feed on the left side with the right hand. On the breast under the hand is in the shape of U, don't bend, don't lean, but let the baby close to your breast. This is an ideal way for early feeding
2. cross cradle method
It is similar to the first one, but when feeding on the right side, it is supported by the right hand, while the left side is supported by the left hand.
3. football holding method
If you are a cesarean section, or a larger breast, this way is more suitable. Hold the child on the side of the body, bend your elbows, extend your palm, hold the child's head, let him face the breast, and let the child's back lean on your forearm. For comfort, you can put a cushion on your leg.
4. lateral recumbent method
When you are tired, you can lie and feed. The body is lying on the side, letting the child face your breast, holding the child's body with one hand and sending the nipple to the child's mouth with the other hand. This method is suitable for early breast feeding, and also for cesarean delivery mothers.
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