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1. uterine examination.
After the birth of the baby, the uterus to restore to the state before pregnancy may take about 6 weeks, so the postpartum examination is mainly to understand the situation of uterine contraction. If the female appears postpartum lochia phenomenon, it needs to go to the hospital to do B ultrasound examination, see the endometrium, to judge the cause of uterine bleeding.
2. pelvic floor examination.
The injury to pelvic floor muscles and nerves during childbirth will not only bring inconvenience to life, but also cause serious vaginal relaxation and even vaginal wall prolapse, bladder prolapse and uterine prolapse. If postpartum urinary incontinence appeared this problem, women must be treated as early as possible.
3. breast examination.
For new mothers, the breast is filled with milk. It is very delicate. Once the breast health is in trouble, it will not only affect the secretion of milk, but also affect the health of the baby. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the breast.
4. examination of the wound.
Whether the caesarean section or the side cut, women always have to get a knife. Especially for cesarean section, the new mammy will bring abnormal extrusion to the digestive system and genitourinary organs, and it will be more difficult to reset. Therefore, the new mother in the postpartum examination, the recovery of the wound after the operation is also the focus.
5. blood pressure and blood sugar examination.
There are many reasons for the new Mammy's hyperglycemia and blood pressure. Many new mommy are caused by the change of living habits, such as day and night breastfeeding, rest is not good, and a lot of brown sugar intake, etc., and the reduction of ischemia and oxygen carrying capacity will also endanger all organs and tissues of the whole body.
6. bone density measurement.
Pregnant women through October pregnant and postpartum lactation, the loss of calcium in the body. Therefore, postnatal bone density examination will detect bone calcium deficiency in time, so as to avoid osteoporosis, seriously affect the quality of life in the future, and avoid the phenomenon of calcium deficiency caused by calcium deficiency in milk. too