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1, will inhibit the milk secretion of food: such as leek, malt, ginseng and other food.
2, irritating things: postpartum diet should be light, do not eat those irritating items, including spicy seasoning, chili, wine, coffee and cigarettes.
1. In general, a small amount of alcohol can promote milk secretion, have no effects on infant; excessive, will inhibit the secretion of milk, will also affect the uterine contraction, it should be appropriate to drink less or not drink.
2. Coffee: it excuses the central nervous system of the human body. 1 cups of 150 milliliters of coffee, that is, contains 100 milliliters of caffeine, the normal person for 1 days is best not more than 3 cups. Although there is no evidence that it is harmful to babies, but for breastfeeding mothers, should be unrestrained drinking or stop drinking.
Too exciting seasoning: such as chili and other things, mamma mothers should be tempered.
3, fried food, fatty food: this kind of food is not easy to digest, and the heat high, should be some intake.
4, cigarettes and tobacco: nicotine will soon be absorbed by the baby if the mother still smokes during the feeding. Studies have shown that nicotine has a bad effect on the baby's respiratory tract, so it is better for breastfeeding mothers to quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke.
5, drugs: for breastfeeding mothers, although most of the drugs in the normal dose, do not let your baby be affected, it is recommended that breast-feeding mother in self medication, should take the initiative to tell the doctors themselves are breastfeeding, so that doctors can prescribe appropriate medication, drug selection and short duration, achieved by milk the minimum charge.
In addition, if the mother is feeding the baby after feeding the baby's breast milk, it should be fed to the baby when the concentration of the milk is at the lowest level, so that the baby will be more safe.
6, allergic conditions: sometimes newborns have some allergy to happen, postpartum mothers may wish to observe whether the baby's skin rash, and evaluate their diet, as the early diagnosis and treatment of reference. Therefore, it is suggested that mother give breast milk for postpartum and avoid any food that may cause the baby's allergy.