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1. Durian
Durian sex is hot, not easy to digest, eat more easily on fire. And with mangosteen food, can put down the hot. At the same time, after caesarean section, the parturient who is easy to have the sticky small intestine will eat.
2. Apple
Apple sweet, cool, warm, mainly carbohydrate. Rich in malic acid, tannic acid, pectin, vitamins and minerals, can prevent and cure scurvy, laipi disease, make skin smooth, shiny. The viscose and fine fiber can absorb and eliminate bacteria and toxins, can astringent intestines, stomach, thirst, appetizers and hot weather, especially for the treatment of diarrhea maternal better. Apple can also reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, which is beneficial to the postpartum recovery of pregnant women with pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, diabetes and liver dysfunction.
3. Olives
Sweet, slightly bitter, flat. With Qingrejiedu, Shengjinzhike effect. Pregnant and lactating women often eat olive, which can make the baby smarter.
4. Grapes
Gump acid, flat. It has the effect of Supplementing Qi and blood, strong bones and bones, and urinating. Because of its high iron content, so it can make blood. Made of dried raisins, iron proportion bigger, can be used as a food supplement iron, often feed can eliminate drowsiness, emaciation and other symptoms, is a body on the market. Women have too much blood loss after postpartum, which can be used as a saint of blood.
Fruit has always been a favorite food for women's friends. Can you eat when you are confinement? For those who just gave birth to a baby, they can also eat fruits when they are in confinement, but they need to pay attention to the category of fruits. It is suitable for women to eat apples, grapes, durian and so on when they are sitting on the moon. The correct eating of fruit is beneficial to the health of mother and baby.
Pregnant production is not easy, during this period, there are a lot of matters to be paid attention to. It is helpful for mothers to know more about the related mother and baby knowledge. At the same time, can also please Yuesao home care for the professional. Can professional Yuesao for pregnant women, mothers, lactating women, infants in different period provide psychological care, life care, health care, health care, medical care and health management services.
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