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Many mothers want to recover their "devil's body" quickly after giving birth, but the wrinkles on the stomach are always worrying. In fact, thin belly is not only a postpartum matter. We should pay attention to weight control from the beginning of pregnancy. After that, we should seize the opportunity to do abdominal exercise and skin compacting work. Next, Xiaobian will share with you the tips~ of postpartum thin belly.
Why does the postpartum stomach relax?
The skin is composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. When the abdomen of the pregnant mother is rapidly enlarged, the two layers of epidermis and dermis are able to cooperate, but the subcutaneous tissue is not always able to keep pace with the expansion of the abdominal skin. If the collagen fiber contained in the subcutaneous tissue is broken because it can't expand, it will lead to the relaxation of the abdominal skin and the appearance of pregnancy lines.
Some mothers may feel that after the production of the stomach will naturally return to the original state, this is a completely wrong view. It is difficult for the belly or other parts to be loose. It will be difficult for them to recover themselves. No matter after delivery, they will miss the best recovery period. It will be very difficult for them to tighten their belly in other ways later.
The method of postpartum thin stomach
1, attention should be paid to weight control during pregnancy
The mother belly with the increase of the pregnancy and full of change, especially in late pregnancy, abdominal skin will be hoarding a lot of fat in the rapid expansion, but once the fat hoard is not easy to remove, after the birth of the baby belly Hu also become baggy, but also the appearance of cellulite.
So every mother should pay attention to weight control during pregnancy. The weight gain during pregnancy is less than 12kg. 1kg in the first trimester, 5kg in the second trimester, the weight gain per month is less than 3kg in the second trimester.
2, during pregnancy, give the stomach the maintenance products, with the massage
When the pregnancy began to apply lotion or oily skin care products in the stomach, the best is no incense, does not stimulate the skin, you can smear appropriate massage, each massage 5 minutes, can effectively promote blood and lymphatic circulation, relieve stomach relaxation condition.
3, after postpartum binding band, wear plastic body clothes, pay attention to not lifting the weight
The binding band can provide a support for the abdomen, so under certain pressure, the mother's stomach is also not easy to deform, it can support the uterus that is contracting, and help the stomach return to its original state.
Corset can help mother to take the body fat evenly divided in various parts, reduce cellulite, back frame corset can also help support the mother's back, pay attention to when choosing corset to consider personal skin, avoid allergy problems caused by improper selection or eczema sudamen.
In addition, we must pay attention to the postpartum do not lift the weight, otherwise it will increase the pressure of the abdomen and affect the recovery of the abdomen and the whole body.