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After cesarean section, there will be colic in the intestines, mostly because the mother of cesarean section is doing abdominal surgery. In the process of operation, the intestines are irritated and the intestinal peristalsis is weakened, which will cause abdominal distension and colic. So how to do intestinal colic after caesarean section ventilation? Now let's introduce it to you.
1. Dietary guidance
Postpartum gastrointestinal function has not yet recovered, women should eat less and more meals, eat easily digestible food, relieve the symptoms of flatulence and colic, start to eat liquid diet and non gas producing food as far as possible, and gradually increase the diet.
2. Moderate exercise
Cesarean section is not to say no exercise, maternal can exercise according to their own situation, increase gastrointestinal peristalsis, can also carry out abdominal massage, clockwise circular massage, pay attention to the strength and time in the massage process. Its main purpose is to relieve the degree of pain and abdominal flatulence.
3. Timely treatment
In the process of cesarean section, because of the influence of operation and anesthesia, gastrointestinal function and itself will be affected. If colic and flatulence are severe, it needs timely treatment to prevent intestinal adhesion. If there is no big effect, in order to promote the recovery of intestinal function, some drugs can also be used appropriately.
Diet regulation of exhaust after cesarean section
1. Strict fasting for 6 hours after cesarean section
New mother in cesarean section, the doctor will tell her mother postpartum 6 hours of strict fasting. Because at this time, maternal anesthesia effect is not completely eliminated, eating at this time, may cause new mother cough, vomiting and so on. If you are really thirsty, your mother can drink half a teaspoon of water regularly to relieve it.
2. 6-8 hours after cesarean section can be liquid food
6-8 hours after cesarean section, although the mother has not exhaust, but the doctor may tell you that you can eat lotus root powder, rice soup and other light and easy to digest liquid food. However, new mothers should try not to eat food that is not suitable for digestion and gas production, such as milk. At this time, the new mother can be a small number of times, for example, once every 2-4 hours, 50-100ml each time, which can not only promote the recovery of gastrointestinal function, make the maternal exhaust as soon as possible, but also avoid aggravating the burden of gastrointestinal tract.
3. After cesarean section, we should also pay attention to diet
After the new mother successfully exhausts, she can eat the food which is easy to digest and rich in protein and vitamins. In 1-2 days after intestinal exhaust, mother can insist on eating steamed egg soup, porridge, noodles and other semi liquid food, and then can eat normally.
The above is the answer to colic after cesarean section ventilation, there are many problems need to pay attention to after cesarean section, new mothers can not be careless. For bowel colic after caesarean section ventilation, new mothers should strengthen nursing after operation, which is very important for the smooth recovery of puerpera.
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