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What are the stages of postpartum recovery? What are the precautions when postpartum recovery?
Postpartum conditioning is a very important period in women's life adjustment. Postpartum recovery is also divided into different periods of time, a good grasp of the time to better restore vitality.
Golden period: postpartum 6 months, belongs to the golden period of postpartum recovery. At this time, the postpartum body is relatively fragile, and all physical indicators are in a serious imbalance state. If the Qi and blood can not be recovered during this period, it is easy to delay becoming various diseases.
Ideal period: postpartum 6 months to less than a year and a half, belongs to the ideal recovery period of postpartum women. After the golden period of recovery, the body recovery is basically completed, and it is a good time to recover the body damage.
Period of validity: postpartum one and a half to three years, belongs to the female postpartum recovery period. At this stage, comprehensive conditioning should be carried out to balance the body function and smoothly transition to the normal life stage.
Precautions for postpartum recovery
1. Diet control
Pregnant women in late pregnancy should pay attention to the control of calories, especially to reduce the intake of high calorie food, reasonable diet, scientific diet, can prevent pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes, postpartum obesity. In the stage of postpartum weight-loss, maternal should also pay attention to diet, to ensure that the baby and new mother nutrition intake, diet must be rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, such as fish, lean meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables.
2. Breastfeeding
By comparing breast-feeding and non breast-feeding mothers, we found that breast-feeding mothers lose weight faster than non breast-feeding mothers. In fact, nutritionists often encourage mothers to breast feed themselves. Daily breast feeding can also consume a certain amount of calories.
3. Professional treatment
The causes of postpartum obesity and hormone changes, so postpartum obesity patients before treatment, in addition to general examination, but also some more detailed hormone analysis.
4. Exercise to lose weight
Postpartum women tend to get fat parts are generally legs, abdomen, buttocks and arms. If postpartum can timely and adhere to do some exercise, prevent body deformation, shape slim figure.
Functional exercise: postpartum timely increase activities, moderate exercise, is conducive to blood circulation, can enhance hip muscle elasticity, promote pelvic recovery, to improve hip loose hip, prevent body shape change has certain help.