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  After childbirth, many mothers face severe body deformation and it is difficult to see them directly. Looking back on their slim bodies, most of their clothes were small s. Facing the mirror and before, many mothers need to find ways to lose weight. Among them, there are dieting to lose weight, some do a lot of exercise to lose weight, even to lose weight quickly, take weight loss drugs. For postpartum mothers, these weight loss methods are very harmful to the health of the newborn. Weight loss effect is not obvious, rebound probability is also very large. Postpartum weight loss is more difficult, the body is relatively weak, need to supplement adequate nutrition to restore the body, but also want to lose weight, is unrealistic. But there are ways to lose weight. Let's see.
  1. Lose weight
  Too much fat in the diet can easily lead to obesity. Removing body fat is the key to weight loss. Drinking plenty of water can ensure sufficient water in the body, maintain normal metabolism in the body and reduce fat accumulation. During lactation, mothers can increase the water content of milk, making milk sticky and easier to discharge.
  Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits
  Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, which can promote intestinal peristalsis, make the body's stool easier to discharge, and the body's fat waste is more easily discharged from the body, which can not achieve the recommended weight loss effect.
  Drinking water and eating vegetables and fruits are not harmful to postpartum recovery. On the contrary, it's good for your health. This method is relatively simple and convenient. For postpartum mothers, this is a good way to eliminate fat. You can get into the habit of drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables every day, but you can't drink cold water after childbirth.
  2. Reduce absorption
  Reducing absorption does not mean not eating, but reducing absorption after ensuring the material needed for postpartum recovery and lactation. However, six weeks after delivery, the body is weak and needs more nutrition. It is not recommended to reduce the absorption, but it can be reduced after 6 weeks. Breastfeeding also consumes a lot of energy, but you can't go on a diet after childbirth.
  3. Proper exercise
  Just after birth is not immediately exercise, but in the postpartum 6 weeks can walk slowly and repeatedly in the room, appropriate on the line, also has a certain weight loss effect, but not recommended a lot of exercise, but can do some yoga and other sports step by step, yoga promotion can reduce weight, for postpartum body walking can also play a body shaping effect, postpartum 2 months can generally increase the intensity of exercise.
  Postpartum can not be eager to achieve weight loss, to step by step, neither exercise immediately, nor diet, can not take weight loss drugs. People who lose weight usually develop good living habits, which can have a good weight loss effect.