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  Pelvic repair
  This project should be an important project in every product health center. The position of pubic symphysis will change during delivery, and the pelvis will have external rotation, which will change the publicity, and change the relative position of pubic symphysis. The three axial movements of the pubic symphysis are: pronation, supination and supination. When the baby is born, you have to go through the pelvis. As the stomach and baby grow up day by day, the mother's pelvis will gradually open and tilt. In the process of baby's birth, the pelvis needs to be changed, and the pubic joint will be relaxed, and the pelvis will open naturally after delivery. Postpartum pelvic becomes the most relaxed state.
  Main symptoms: strong abdominal protrusion, large waist circumference, large buttocks, oliguria and incontinence, etc
  Postpartum pelvis
  Full moon spits cold poison
  Sweating is the best time for full moon 45 days, 60 days and 100 days (30 days after delivery). BMW people spend a lot of blood and physical strength in the production process. Their bodies are lack of blood, and their physical strength has not yet recovered. Their body resistance declines within a month. The evil parts of cool and cool wind are easy to invade the human body. Through fumigation, the effect of fumigation on detoxification and prevention of cold is significant. Sweating is the first full month of a drug, and is also the most commonly used method of treatment and prevention.
  It can make the cold evil expel from the body, enter the human body through the expanded pores, so as to stretch the body, promote the normal operation of students' Qi and blood, clear away heat and toxin, dispel wind and dehumidification, dredge wind and cold, warm meridians. It has good curative effect on moon disease. It can promote enterprise blood system circulation, activate metabolism, enhance enterprise blood circulation and body immunity.
  Symptoms: postpartum headache, low back pain, joint pain, chills, etc.
  Postpartum repair
  Repair of pelvic floor muscle
  The golden age of pelvic floor function recovery is 42 days after delivery, i.e. 1 year after delivery. The pelvic floor muscles also have a name called "hanging net". Because it is tightly suspended urethra, bladder, vagina, uterus, rectum and other organs, fixed its normal position, and has some physiological functions: control urination, defecation, maintain vaginal contraction. During pregnancy, pelvic floor muscles are used to support the growing fetus during pregnancy, as well as the pressure on abdominal and pelvic organs. Over time, the pelvic floor muscles will gradually relax. Therefore, whether the parturient is natural childbirth or cesarean section, pelvic floor muscle injury is more or less inevitable.
  Symptoms: coughing, sneezing or laughing, leakage, pelvic floor muscles and nerves once damaged, will affect vaginal relaxation, poor marital life, abdominal constipation, heavy feeling, frequent urination, etc.