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  1、 What harm does rectus abdominis separate have?
  The muscles that maintain intra-abdominal pressure include pelvic floor muscles, rectus abdominis around abdominal wall, internal and external oblique muscles, etc. After the separation of rectus abdominis and over stretching of the internal and external oblique muscles, the whole abdominal muscles will gradually become weak, unable to maintain the intra-abdominal pressure effectively, and the abdomen will gradually bulge. In addition, pelvic floor muscle injury is common during pregnancy and childbirth, which can also affect the maintenance of intra-abdominal pressure. In addition, abdominal distention will be aggravated. In severe cases of rectus abdominis separation, lying in women will obviously feel the sagging loose skin in the center of the abdomen, like a pit, and even feel the small intestine and other organs inward.
  二、产后腰痛、膝关节痛、骨盆前倾、腰臀酸软无力由于腹壁失去腹直肌、腹内外斜肌的支持,再加上盆底肌群劳损,导致腹部膨出、内脏移位,这样会让妇女身体前移。为了维持身体平衡,在行走和坐下的时候,不得不增加腰椎曲度,腰椎前挺,骨盆就会前倾代偿,膝关节为了维持上身平衡也会因为韧带和肌肉牵拉、关节磨损引发病变,引起生产后的妇女腰痛、膝关节疼痛等继发性改变。长期以往,腹内压逐渐增高,形体改变越来越难恢复,其他解剖改变包括腰椎前突、 骨盆前倾、竖脊肌缩短、臀肌缩短无力。
  2、 Postpartum low back pain, knee joint pain, pelvic anteversion, lumbar and gluteal weakness due to the loss of abdominal wall rectus muscle, abdominal internal and external oblique muscle support, coupled with pelvic floor muscle group strain, leading to abdominal bulge, visceral displacement, which will make women's body gravity forward. In order to maintain body balance, when walking and sitting down, we have to increase the curvature of the lumbar spine, and the pelvis will tilt forward to compensate. In order to maintain the balance of the upper body, the knee joint will also be affected by ligament and muscle traction and joint wear, which will cause secondary changes in women's low back pain and knee joint pain after delivery. For a long time, the intra-abdominal pressure gradually increased, and the body changes became more and more difficult to recover. Other anatomical changes included lumbar protrusion, pelvic anteversion, shortening of erector spinalis muscle, and shortening and weakness of gluteus muscle.
  3、 Postpartum girdle waist earlier better?
  Postpartum mother's body resistance decreased, premature waist binding will make pelvic blood flow is not smooth, easy to cause such as appendicitis, pelvic inflammation, urinary tract infection and other gynecological inflammation. When the waist is too tight, it is easy to affect the mother's normal breathing, leading to dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms. It may also increase abdominal pressure, lead to uterine ptosis, or affect gastrointestinal function, causing constipation and hemorrhoids. Therefore, postpartum mothers should be fully aware of the harm of premature waist girdling, and actively take breastfeeding, scientific diet, strengthen exercise to promote postpartum rehabilitation and body shape recovery.
  4、 Is sweating frequently after giving birth to a baby weak?
  The new supersedes the old. * * the increase of blood volume during pregnancy makes the retention of large amounts of water in the body. After delivery, with the decrease of metabolism and endocrine activity, the water in the body gradually becomes sweat, which is discharged from the skin, which is essentially different from the pathological weakness.
  In addition, postpartum mother drink more soup water, is also one of the reasons for sweating, this kind of sweating phenomenon will generally disappear about 10 days after delivery, so, mother need not worry too much about this.