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  From conception in October to the birth of a baby, great changes have taken place in women's body and mind. Only careful care can make the body recover as soon as possible. The next step, Shandong postpartum recovery to share with you several major errors of postpartum repair.
  Myth 1: the lighter the postpartum diet, the better
  Many people think that the lighter the postpartum diet, the better. Even in the first few days after delivery, there was no salt in the meal. In fact, this is unscientific and even counterproductive.
  Because postpartum perspiration is more, mammary gland secretes exuberant, the mother is easy to lack of water and salt, so a small amount of salt is beneficial to the mother.
  Myth 2: milk production begins 24 hours after delivery
  Some people think they need to breastfeed their newborns 24 hours after delivery. They don't think it's good to start breastfeeding early. In fact, the faster the milk goes, the better for the mother and the child. Because the baby sucks the nipple to be able to promote the breast milk secretion, also is advantageous to the uterus contraction, causes the uterus early recovery, simultaneously, the newborn also can obtain the nutrition rich colostrum as soon as possible.
  Normally, breastfeeding takes 30 minutes.
  Myth 3: don't wash your hair and shower after delivery
  Mothers sweat not only during childbirth, but also often after childbirth. With the continuous excretion of sweat and milk secretion, the human body is dirtier than the general population, and is more vulnerable to pathogens. Therefore, postpartum personal hygiene is very important.
  Generally speaking, pregnant women can take a bath two or three days after delivery, but it is better to take a bath; 7-10 days after delivery, you can wash your hair with hot water.
  Myth 4: getting out of bed later is better
  Maternal health is weak, so the later get out of bed the better, in fact, this is not right. Getting up and out of bed early after delivery is not only conducive to the acceleration of lower limb blood flow and lochia discharge, but also can exercise the abdominal muscles and restore the original contractile force in the early stage.
  Usually, 24 hours after delivery, you can walk back to bed on the third day.
  Myth 5: room service after full moon
  How long can I share a room after delivery? People used to think of the full moon as a time when the mother was fully recovered, so most couples began to share a room at the beginning of their child's full moon. In fact, it's safe for couples to share a room six to eight weeks after delivery. Due to the damage of endometrium and vaginal wall caused by delivery, it is impossible to completely heal within 4 weeks.