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  After postpartum recovery, how should Baoma thin stomach to avoid this embarrassment? Today, Shandong postpartum recovery with you to see how you can thin stomach.
  Postpartum weight loss method of thin stomach
  take a walk
  New moms don't worry about sitting after dinner. Walking after dinner can help you recover faster, and it's also very helpful to lose weight. The right way to walk is to hold your head up and take a big step, about 60-80 meters per minute. The upper limbs should swing according to the rhythm of the steps, and the line should be straight. Do not bend left or turn right.
  Walking for half an hour to one hour every day, the intensity varies with the constitution, and it is generally appropriate to sweat slightly. As long as adhere to 3 weeks can see obvious weight loss effect.
  Abdominal massage
  After taking a bath, do more abdominal massage. After giving birth to a child, the strength of the massage should be well controlled, and it should not be too hard. Do circular massage around the navel, or gently knead the belly up and down, you can have the abdomen closed after midwifery.
  Enough sleep time
  Sleep is not good to the thin stomach after caesarean section not only does not help, but is harmful. Lack of sleep can easily lead to toxin accumulation, which is harmful to the baby, so it is not enough to take. In addition, the accumulation of toxins will affect the metabolism of fat, so that weight loss is hindered.
  balanced diet
  After stopping breastfeeding, new mothers should pay attention to a balanced diet. Because during breastfeeding, the baby's nutrition is basically from breast milk, the mother's nutrition must keep up. But after stopping feeding, many mothers still can't adjust their appetite for the time being and are still eating and drinking.
  Originally more than their own needs of nutrition are supplied to the baby through milk, but now the excess can only be transferred to the mother, a little careless, it may become redundant. Therefore, once breast-feeding is stopped, new mothers should pay attention to their diet, eat more vegetables, fruits and milk, and eat less French fries and cola.
  Sit up and tuck in
  把身体升起离地10至20 厘米后,应收紧腹部肌肉并稍作停顿,然后慢慢把身体下降回原位。
  After lifting the body 10 to 20 cm from the ground, tighten the abdominal muscles and pause for a while, then slowly lower the body back to its original position.
  When you land on your back, you can start the next cycle. This action can eliminate the abdominal fat, but also have beautiful abdominal muscles.
  The above is about the method of postpartum thin stomach, provided by Shandong postpartum recovery. If you want to know more about postpartum knowledge, please pay attention to our http://www.sdchanhou.com Website.