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Postpartum recovery is the most concerned topic for mothers.
Some say, \"I will be thin until liberation after giving birth to children\"!
Some say \"I\'m going to be a super hot mom after giving birth\"!
Others say, \"I\'ve recovered. I\'ve lost weight\"!
Postpartum recovery is really thin down on it? You have to look down:
\"Postpartum recovery\", what should be recovered?
To get back to pre pregnancy, it\'s best to be an 18-year-old young girl! Not only the body is symmetrical and graceful, but also the physiological function is powerful. The physical ability, sports ability, reproductive ability and sexual function are all restored to the best state before prenatal pregnancy, which is the essence of postpartum recovery.
First of all, the best time for postpartum recovery is limited, which can be divided into the following stages.
1. Golden Age
Within 42 days to 6 months after delivery, it is the golden period for women to recover. At this time, the most weak body indicators after childbirth are in a serious imbalance state. If the residual toxins in the body cannot be effectively eliminated, it is easy to delay deterioration into various diseases. Commonly known as \"postpartum sequela.\".
2. Ideal period
Postpartum 6 months to a year and a half, is the ideal recovery period for postpartum women. After the golden recovery, the body toxins have been basically removed, and Qi and blood have been restored, which is the best time to recover the body damage.
3. Validity period
One and a half to three years after childbirth belong to the end of recovery of postpartum women. At this stage, comprehensive conditioning should be carried out to achieve the best balance of the body, and the balance should be excessive to the normal living condition.
What do you need to recover?
1. Recovery of body joints
In October pregnancy, the weight of the fetus makes the mother\'s lumbar lordosis become larger, the pelvis incline forward, and the white line separation of rectus abdominis. These are important steps from the girl to the mother, and then the pubic bone is separated during childbirth, which makes the whole pelvis deformed, the hip joint displaced, and the skeleton of \"big buttock\" is formed. The shape of the mother is obvious.
2. Improvement of muscle imbalance
Muscle imbalance is not new to private fitness education. Most of these muscle group imbalances are caused by the change of lumbar pelvis hip joint and the fall of pelvic floor, which can be improved, but don\'t expect that only through the rehabilitation training of muscle group imbalance can completely change the posture of \"hip basin\" aunt.
3. Postpartum physical conditioning
Because of the decrease of the amount of exercise and the short-term and rapid increase of the body weight during pregnancy, there are changes in the circulatory system, respiratory system function, physical fitness, and even the physical changes caused by the change of eating habits. This recuperation refers to the functional rehabilitation training to improve the physical weak chain and strengthen physical fitness. It must be combined with nutrition.
4. Internal organs homing
After 3-6 months of postpartum, we should focus on maintenance, gradually increase physical fitness, and slowly return body organs. Some experts in gynecology and obstetrics believe that postpartum visceral ptosis may be the root of gynecological diseases and \"premature aging\", and it is easy to have a small abdomen. Therefore, the puerpera must pay attention to prevent \"visceral ptosis\" during the period of confinement. In addition to the big belly is not good-looking, it is more important to enter the scientific post natal recovery training. Must be combined with nutrition!
5. Recovery of rectus abdominis separation
In the late pregnancy, the enlarged uterus will elongate the rectus abdominis and separate the two rectus abdominis from the white line. This phenomenon is called rectus abdominis separation. After giving birth to a baby, the new mother\'s loose abdominal muscles can not immediately return to the original shape and position, and the redundant fat in the abdomen forms a protuberance, which greatly affects the beauty. In addition, the deeper the separation of rectus abdominis, the weaker the abdominal muscle, the less the supporting force on the back of the waist. Many women are prone to back pain after childbirth, even getting up is very difficult. So it is necessary to train correctly after childbirth!
Normal: within 1-2 fingers
To be improved: 2-3 points
Need medical treatment: more than 3 fingers
If the distance between the two muscles is more than 3 fingers, it is a serious separation of rectus abdominis, which may cause hernia, and it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time; if between 2-3 fingers, it is necessary to pay attention not to carry out weight-bearing exercises of trunk bending and twisting, and not to do core exercises, because this will make the separation more serious. (practice under the guidance of professionals)
6. Relaxation of pelvic floor muscle
Female pelvic floor muscles, like hammocks, support and support the bladder, uterus, rectum and other pelvic organs. In addition to maintaining the normal anatomical position of these pelvic organs, they also participate in many physiological activities, such as controlling urination, defecation, maintaining the contraction of vagina and increasing sexual pleasure.
Relaxation of pelvic floor muscle will lead to pelvic floor dysfunction, which is manifested in relaxation of vagina, dissatisfaction with sexual life or feeling of abdominal distention, frequent urination, laughing urine and sneezing urine at the initial stage. The serious symptoms were uterine prolapse and prolapse. It not only brings physical discomfort to women, but also greatly affects the quality of life of husband and wife.
Postpartum recovery is something we must pay attention to for every postpartum woman. It\'s necessary to know your postpartum body correctly, targeted rehabilitation training and balanced nutrition supplement! Let you in the post natal recovery road does not take detours. Later, we will offer the post natal recovery training.
Postpartum moms, the premise for you to have a healthy body is to let your inner body be repaired first, so that you can become better from the inside out.