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  Don't go to sleep after childbirth. It's not advisable to sleep in three positions. Look forward to the end of the pregnancy in October. Baoma has unloaded the goods. Many Baoma think that they can breathe a sigh of relief after the baby is born. In fact, the dangerous period hasn't been completely passed. After all, there are many exquisite places during the birth. Some small details are not done well, which will still cause great harm and sequelae to the new mother's body Such as post natal sleeping posture.
  Does postpartum sleeping posture pay attention to?
  In fact, postpartum sleeping position is very important in both normal and caesarean delivery, because poor sleeping position may lead to uterine displacement, and more likely to cause secondary injury to the wounds of caesarean delivery women. From pregnancy to postpartum, the biggest change in the maternal body is the uterus. From the normal size in the early stage of pregnancy to the expansion in the late stage of pregnancy, to the slight reduction after unloading, the whole process is actually the process from conception to delivery.
  Postpartum which bad sleep posture can affect the uterus to restore?
  1. Curl up and sleep
  Curling up to sleep has always been known as the most secure position, just like lying in the stomach of your mother, which is very popular with both men and women, old and young, but it is very dangerous for women who have just given birth.
  At the end of childbirth, the response of the uterus is not so fast. It's hard to restore its original state immediately when it's inflated by the fetus. It's like a balloon inflated to the limit. When it's deflated, it's also a process. Therefore, it's not restored to the normal state before pregnancy. The puerpera still needs to take care of it.
  2. Lie flat for a long time
  Lying on your back is one of the most commonly used sleeping positions for people, and mothers will also get used to it. However, it is important to avoid lying on your back for a long time, which may also cause the uterus to move backward.
  The postpartum uterus needs to go through a long recovery period, during which it is in a state of relaxation. In addition, it also has a certain weight. The parturient always keeps the sleeping position of supine position. Under the effect of gravity, it is easy to cause the uterus to fall back, resulting in postpartum backache, increased leucorrhea, and no evil dew.
  3. Long time prone
  Prone position is a sleeping position opposite to lying in peace. It is also not suitable for women who are still in the recovery period after childbirth. The reason is the same as that above, it is easy to cause uterine displacement. Not only that, when lying on the ground, the uterus will droop under the effect of gravity, and will be squeezed by the bed. Under the two kinds of pressure, the recovery of the uterus will be hindered.
  Don't go to sleep after childbirth. It's not advisable to sleep in three positions. If you have any unclear or unclear details, you can click the website: http://www.sdchanhou.com