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  Giving birth to a child is like going to the devil's gate, which is not bad, especially for more and more elderly mothers, not only the risk of childbearing is great, but also the recovery after childbirth is worse.
  After the birth of two mothers with insufficient blood volume, all aspects of the body have changed during pregnancy, and it takes time for both the body and the body to recover. The first thing mothers need to know after childbirth is what will happen
  Postpartum changes are well known
  16% of mothers will suffer from postpartum weakness, resulting in increased toxin, imbalance of hormone level and decreased immunity.
  30% of mothers had poor pelvic floor reflux, which resulted in splanchnic prolapse, vaginal relaxation and sexual dysfunction;
  22.7% of mothers had breast problems after delivery, which resulted in breast atrophy, sagging and hyperplasia.
  30.5% of mothers were born obese after childbirth, which caused edema, slow metabolism, skin relaxation and body changes;
  28.6% of mothers had spinal injury after delivery, which resulted in numbness of shoulder and neck, swelling pain, swelling of limbs and drowsiness.
  I'm not surprised. The changes that childbirth brings to women are huge, so recovery is a matter of getting back on track.
  What is postpartum recovery?
  Postpartum recovery refers to women's postpartum recovery, which is often due to their weakness and needs some recovery and maintenance, which is called postpartum recovery. Specifically, postpartum recovery should include the following three connotations:
  1. 有效修复妊娠、分娩造成的身体损伤;
  1. Effectively repair the body damage caused by pregnancy and childbirth;
  2. 及时消除产后亚健康障碍;
  2. Eliminate the sub-health disorder in time;
  3. Use the golden time of postpartum to fully regulate the body and skin, so that the body can reach the best balance as soon as possible.
  In a word, in addition to the recovery of the shape and shape of uterus and ovary, it should also include the recovery of various tissue functions, such as: prevention of postpartum leakage, sexual apathy and other obstacles, improvement of intestinal function, prevention of constipation, and promotion of the recovery of physiological function and normal physiological function.
  Why to choose professional repair after childbirth
  The power of natural recovery is limited. Only after pregnancy can the body and body change on the basis of recovery, such as pelvic floor muscle relaxation, pelvic width, rectus abdominis muscle relaxation caused by pregnancy It won't heal well.
  Each mother's physiological structure and characteristics are different, and the nursing methods and steps are not consistent. As one of the top 100 brands in China's mother and baby industry and different traditional beauty salons, DIA's mother's professional post natal rehabilitation is customized according to each mother's physical condition. With professional technology, scientific instruments and safe products, DIA's mother can help her solve the post natal problems. The effect of post natal recovery is better!
  The newborn mother is also different from the traditional post natal recovery industry. Considering the inconvenience of bringing the baby out of the post natal mother, it will provide convenient door-to-door service for the mother, and it can arrive as soon as three hours after the appointment. Most of the special care teachers have medical background, many years of experience, after layers of training and assessment, professional safety.
  Postpartum recovery mainly focuses on three important stages in the first three years
  After many mothers and children's mothers pay attention to their children and take care of their families, there is almost no free time to pay attention to themselves. When consciousness has missed the golden opportunity, postpartum recovery and recuperation, and then professional repair effect will also make a discount. Therefore, mother must grasp the first three years after birth.
  1. 黄金时代
  1. Golden Age
  42 days to 6 months postnatal is the golden period of postnatal recovery. At this time, the postpartum body is the most vulnerable, and all indicators of the body are in a serious state of imbalance. If in this period of time, Qi and blood cannot be restored, and the residual toxins cannot be effectively removed, it is easy to deteriorate into various diseases.
  2. 理想的时间
  2. Ideal time
  Postpartum 6 months to a year and a half, belongs to the ideal recovery period of postpartum women. After the golden recovery period, the toxin is basically removed and the Qi and blood are basically restored, which is the best period for the recovery of body injury.
  3. effectiveness
  One and a half to three years after childbirth belong to the recovery period of women. In this stage, comprehensive conditioning should be carried out to achieve the best balance of body functions and smooth transition to the normal life stage.
  The above is a detailed introduction to the advantages of postpartum recovery in Shandong Province. To learn more, please click http://www.sdchanhou.com