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  There are three opportunities in a woman's life to recover, menarche, anaphase and menopause, the most important of which is anaphase. If the postpartum recovery is not good, after 10 years, 20 years or even longer, the physical condition may not be satisfactory, or there may be some backward root causes, leading to various gynecological diseases of the elderly.
  Therefore, postpartum recovery is very important, postpartum 6 months is the golden period of postpartum recovery, this period of time must seize the opportunity to carry out a comprehensive recovery of the body.
  1. 心理
  1. psychology
  Postpartum, the family pays more attention to the baby, often neglecting the care of the postpartum mother, coupled with the change of postpartum hormone level, it is easy to have postpartum depression or emotional instability. At this time, the postpartum mother should communicate with her family, actively adjust her mind and keep a good mood. Hello, baby can be better!
  2. 腹直肌分离
  2. Separation of rectus abdominis
  Postpartum abdominal muscle relaxation, abdominal wall tension decreased, but can not be quickly restored to the original position and shape, excess fat will accumulate in the abdominal bulge, resulting in the separation of rectus abdominis, abdominal wall relaxation phenomenon. Home exercise combined with electrical stimulation is the best way to improve the separation of rectus abdominis.
  3. Pubic symphysis separation
  随着妊娠期激素水平的变化,耻骨与盆底的间隙可扩大2 ~ 3mm。如果间隙超过10mm,就会发生耻骨联合分离和疼痛。结果发现,电刺激与生物反馈相结合可以从根本上解决耻骨联合的分离和疼痛的缓解。
  With the change of hormone level during pregnancy, the gap between pubis and pelvic floor can be enlarged by 2 ~ 3mm. If the gap is more than 10 mm, symphysis pubis separation and pain will occur. The results show that the combination of electrical stimulation and biofeedback can fundamentally solve the separation of pubic symphysis and pain relief.
  4. 妊辰纹
  4. pregnancy pattern
  Pregnancy marks make postpartum mothers feel helpless. If they allow their development, their stomachs may become uglier and uglier. Electrical stimulation can help reduce striae gravidarum and solve the problem of postpartum recovery.
  5. 肌肉酸痛
  5. Muscle ache
  The appearance of muscle soreness makes mothers feel more tired when raising their children. Electric stimulation therapy combined with massage can bring great help to baomu and eliminate pain.
  Postpartum recovery is very important, but it is not a thing that can be completed in a short time. It needs long-term persistence and efforts. Wish every postpartum woman can recover the best physical condition!
  The above is a detailed introduction of the positive role of post natal recovery in Shandong Province. For more information, please click http://www.sdchanhou.com