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  Since ancient times, most oriental people have the custom of sitting on the moon. The main reason why sitting on the moon is so popular is for the health of mothers. With the further improvement of technology, more and more post natal repair institutions begin to appear. The postpartum repair organization has the postpartum repair department, has the very specialized postpartum recovery knowledge, may help the puerpera to recover the stature quickly. So when is a good chance to get back in shape after childbirth?
  1. 产后恢复的黄金时代
  1. Golden age of postpartum recovery
  Generally speaking, the golden age of postpartum recovery will be called within 42 days after delivery and then to six months after delivery. Because the body of postpartum mother is relatively weak during this period, the body index is seriously unbalanced, the recovery of Qi and blood, the residual toxins in the body can not be completely carried out by the body, which is easy to lead to deterioration and other postpartum diseases. Therefore, it helps more postpartum recovery users in need and carries out early intervention.
  2. 产后恢复体型的理想时间
  2. Ideal time for recovery of body shape after childbirth
  High quality postpartum recovery period emphasizes that postpartum 6 months to 1 year is also an ideal period for postpartum physical recovery. After the recovery of golden period, the toxin in the body is basically eliminated, and the recovery of Qi and blood is basically completed. At this time, the muscle body injury repair is carried out through the post natal repair department, and the effect will be better.
  3. Effective recovery period after delivery

  The post natal restorer emphasizes that even if the golden time and ideal period of the post natal recovery period are missed, it does not mean that there is no possibility of recovery, because the main body of the post natal recovery period is effective. Within one and a half to three years, this is the end point of the post natal women's recovery. At this time, if the parturient can take the corresponding auxiliary measures with the help of the postnatal repairman, it can also improve the body function and smoothly transition to the normal life stage.
  To sum up, the post natal recovery period believes that the three good opportunities for post natal recovery are golden period, ideal period and effective period. If the vast majority of mothers can seize these three recovery opportunities, then they can gradually recover to the prenatal level with the help of reliable postpartum restorers, so as to improve their physiological status.
  The above is a detailed introduction to the three stages of postpartum recovery in Shandong Province. To learn more, please click http://www.sdchanhou.com