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  The most important is the postpartum phase, according to the study, when a woman is exposed to hormones such as estrogen, women who have experienced this phase can increase their life expectancy by 10 years.
  During childbirth, a woman's body acts like an open door, expelling excess water and toxins accumulated for a long time. This period of time can effectively improve their physical condition, if the correct rehabilitation can make women's health better, but if there is no good health in this period of time, it will leave a hidden danger to women's health. Therefore, this period of time is also known as the second life of women!
  What the second life brings to women is not only the reconstruction of body structure, but also the re understanding of psychology. In terms of body structure, women's skin, bones and many internal organs are subject to strict examination. From the pregnancy in the morning, pregnancy spots, pregnancy striae, to the pain of childbirth and bone tension, to the recovery after childbirth, people feel that this is an experience of life, a test of the experience of complete transformation. Why do you say so?
  The main causes of postpartum hip relaxation and prolapse are poor recovery of pelvis, weakened muscle elasticity and fat accumulation.
  Recovery method:
  1) Use pelvic correction belt in time.
  2) After childbirth through the exercise to restore the buttocks.
  After childbirth, most women's breasts will become smaller and flattened, and some women's breasts will even become larger, so many mothers are very distressed after childbirth, and some mothers don't even know how to recover their breasts after childbirth.
  Recovery method:
  1) Breastfeeding is good for "redevelopment" of the chest.
  2) Postpartum mothers can do some simple chest expansion exercises at home (they can do some special postpartum slimming effects, and it is better to expand the chest), help exercise the chest muscles, and it takes a long time to make the chest look more firm, firm and full.
  3) Massage: before getting up in the morning and going to bed in the evening, the mother can massage her chest with her hands for 10 minutes after childbirth. After one month, it will have obvious breast enhancement effect.
  4. 产后心理恢复
  4. Psychological recovery after childbirth
  Within three months after delivery, if the new mother does not adjust her mental state, she is prone to mental disorders and mental illness. Therefore, in this stage, the external environment must take care of the new mother's emotions and give them more care; the new mother should also adjust to a positive attitude, and an optimistic attitude towards life is very important for her mother, which is also conducive to her own post natal recovery and care of her children.
  The above is a detailed introduction to why the post natal recovery in Shandong can give women second life. To learn more, please click http://www.sdchanhou.com