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  1. 黄金时期
  1. Golden Age
  42 days to 6 months postpartum, i.e. from the month of delivery to 6 months postpartum. In this period of time, the body is still in a state of serious imbalance because it only experienced birth. In this period of time, if the mother's gas and blood can't be recovered, the residual toxins in the body can't be effectively removed, and it is easy to have various gynecological diseases.
  2. 理想的时间
  2. Ideal time
  Six months to a year and a half after birth is the best time to recover from physical injury.
  3. validity period
  One and a half to three years after birth. This period belongs to the recovery period in the late postpartum period, which comprehensively recuperates the body so as to achieve a better balance and return to the previous normal living condition.
  What should be done to recover after childbirth?
  1. 心理康复
  1. Psychological rehabilitation
  Postpartum depression is a term we are more and more familiar with. Three to five out of every 10 mothers suffer from postpartum depression at some point in time. This mental illness is usually more damaging than physical damage after childbirth.
  Postpartum psychology must be paid attention to. Mothers should be able to read magazines and do housework to transfer the lost mood. When encountering problems, they should communicate with people around them and find ways to vent. Don't be depressed. The family should also pay attention to the emotion of maternal love and timely guide.
  When you are in a good mood, your happiness will increase, which is good for your organ recovery.
  2. 盆底肌肉恢复
  2. Pelvic floor muscle recovery
  During pregnancy, the fetal long-term compression of pelvic floor muscle, pelvic floor muscle flexibility, the largest load-bearing. During childbirth, the elasticity and function of pelvic floor muscles are damaged. If they can't recover effectively, they will leave diseases such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ loss, sexual dysfunction, chronic pelvic floor pain and so on, which will seriously affect the quality of life.
  So after six weeks of labor, the mother can help restore pelvic floor muscle function through a series of Kells.
  3. Organ homing
  During pregnancy, the fetus compresses each organ, and the cavity suddenly appears in the abdominal cavity after childbirth. When the organ loses pressure, it will appear "visceral ptosis". It is necessary to use the abdominal belt after childbirth to avoid the rapid decline of the organ and help the organ to recover to its original position.
  Pregnancy pattern
  Cracks in the skin will leave a bark like particle on the belly, which is very ugly. Postnatal wound healing can be applied to pregnancy lines, Shunda pregnant women's tea oil and other natural skin care products for mothers and infants, providing nutrition for skin fracture, repairing skin cracks, and weakening pregnancy lines.
  5. The separation of lumbar lordosis, anteversion of pelvis and white line of rectus abdominis has a serious impact on the body of the mother. The mother should also pay attention to the use of appropriate exercise and physical recovery after three months of postpartum.
  Breastfeeding after childbirth can consume a lot of heat of the mother, which is conducive to the recovery of the mother after childbirth; the recovery exercise after childbirth should not be violent, and simple exercises such as walking, swimming, postpartum yoga, Kegel exercise can be carried out.
  The above is a detailed introduction to the recovery period of postpartum recovery in Shandong Province. For more information, please click http://www.sdchanhou.com