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  One of the most important moments is postpartum recovery. Now, Shandong postpartum recovery training center will take you to know what stages and functions Shandong postpartum recovery has!
  The first stage
  The first stage of postpartum recovery is the most critical stage. The time is the first month of postpartum, that is, the first month of postpartum. I believe that all mothers know the importance of sitting on the moon, but we should pay attention to that what we should do in the period of the moon is not only to avoid injury, but also to take the initiative to recover. Due to the long time of pregnancy in October, the viscera of mothers have changed their position and lost their support after childbirth. If they do not use the abdominal band in time to help recover, it is easy to cause visceral ptosis. In addition, Baoma's pelvis is loose after delivery, and also needs to use a bony clip for care, so as not to leave regret.
  The second stage
  The recovery time of the second stage is roughly from the first month to the sixth month after childbirth. During this period, Baoma has just given birth and is in the lactation period, so she needs to supplement a large amount of food to ensure the nutrition of breast milk, which is not suitable for weight loss. What Baoma needs to do is to adhere to the use of abdominal band to accelerate the recovery of the abdomen, laying the foundation for the later shaping.
  The third stage
  In the 7-12 months after giving birth, it is a high frequency period of weaning. If the baby has been weaned, Baoma can properly control her diet, and start the postpartum slimming through some sports. It is worth noting that after weaning, some Baoma may have sagging breasts, so before that, we must wear professional breast-feeding bra to prevent sagging breasts.
  The fourth stage
  After one year of childbirth, the impact of childbirth on Baoma's body has been basically eliminated, and there is no need to worry about the baby's breastfeeding. So from this time on, Baoma can carry out post natal shaping according to the fitness training of ordinary people, and it is believed that she will soon achieve success.
  Dear Baoma, what stage has your postpartum recovery reached? Must synthesize own physical condition to carry on the recovery, but must not be too anxious.
  The above is the introduction of postpartum recovery from Shandong postpartum recovery training center. I hope it can help you. For more information, please click http://www.sdchanhou.com