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  Often hear the old man say, after giving birth to a baby, the vitality of the wounded, to lie in bed to recover physical strength, many new mothers have just experienced childbirth, tired suddenly collapsed, also just want to lie in bed to have a good rest. However. However, the doctor urged wan to never lie still after childbirth, get out of bed as soon as possible, and lying still can easily form deep vein thrombosis, causing leg swelling and pain. In serious cases, the thrombosis may spread to the lungs, causing pulmonary embolism, endangering life.
  Therefore, the post natal recovery training informs new mothers to get out of bed and move as soon as possible in order to recover their body as soon as possible. As long as the body moves, it will not cause thrombus, the gut will follow, and constipation will not come to the door.
  The above is the introduction of some postpartum recovery by Shandong postpartum recovery training center. For more information, please click http://www.sdchanhou.com