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  山东产后恢复的小编,今天将带您了解。 从怀孕开始到婴儿成长,怀孕母亲的肠,胃,膀胱和脊柱都会发生很大变化,尤其是在后期,母亲的内部器官受到挤压。 压力,肠道功能在不断减弱,有害细菌不断增加,导致益生菌的持续减少,因此怀孕的母亲会遇到很多尴尬的事情,吃不好的睡眠,便秘,放屁,尿量增加等。
  Shandong post natal recovery, today will take you to understand From the beginning of pregnancy to the growth of the baby, the intestine, stomach, bladder and spine of the pregnant mother will change a lot, especially in the later stage, the internal organs of the mother will be squeezed Pressure, intestinal function is weakening, harmful bacteria are increasing, resulting in the continuous reduction of probiotics, so pregnant mothers will encounter many embarrassing things, such as bad sleep, constipation, farting, increased urine volume, etc.
  其次,孕妇卸货后,中国产妇每月需要做42天,以恢复身体机能,在国外也没有禁闭之虞。 只要身体允许生产,冷饮和健身等生活方式就与以前一样。 会有一点不同,他们将进行“产后恢复”。
  Secondly, after unloading, Chinese mothers need to do 42 days a month to recover their physical function, and there is no danger of confinement in foreign countries As long as the body allows production, cold drinks and fitness and other lifestyles are the same as before It's going to be a little different, they're going to have a "post natal recovery.".
  外国产妇也做“产后恢复”,但她们不把产期称为产期。 在此期间,母亲应积极进行产后康复,以恢复身体,并会更加注意休息。
  Foreign mothers also do "post natal recovery", but they do not call the delivery period as the delivery period During this period, the mother should actively carry out post natal rehabilitation to recover the body and pay more attention to rest.
  为什么外国怀孕的母亲出生后恢复得这么快? 主要在饮食方面,中国女性从零食中摄取的都是非常细腻的东西,例如小麦粉等,人们还会产生细嫩的皮肤嫩肉,稀而弱,而外国女性则每天都吃牛排和面包等。 蛋白质食品的身体素质自然是不同的,并且身体会更快地恢复。 随着妇女越来越重视产后保健,无论近年来国内外是否已发展出产后康复。
  Why do foreign pregnant mothers recover so quickly after birth In terms of diet, Chinese women take very delicate things from snacks, such as wheat flour. People will also produce delicate skin and tender meat, which is thin and weak. Foreign women eat steak and bread every day The physical fitness of protein food is naturally different, and the body will recover faster As women pay more and more attention to postpartum health care, whether it has developed postnatal rehabilitation at home and abroad in recent years or not.
  尽管外国妇女的身体状况良好,不需要花时间去适应,但没有什么可羡慕的。 每个地区的人都不一样。 将比较自然的优缺点,但是产后恢复将针对国内外的产后母亲。 说话是必须要做的。
  Although foreign women are in good health and do not need to spend time to adapt, there is nothing to envy People are different in every region It will be more natural advantages and disadvantages, but postpartum recovery will be aimed at domestic and foreign postpartum mothers Speaking is a must.
  I am in Shandong post natal recovery, witness your beauty!