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  Mother is a great man in the world. She gave birth to us in October and needs to breastfeed us. But now many mothers do not have the experience of breastfeeding, so today's Jinan lactation teacher training to teach you the right breastfeeding steps.
  (1) clean the mother's hands and chest. When breastfeeding, the mother should wash her hands carefully with soap, and then soak it in warm water with clean absorbent cotton to wipe the nipple and areola. Alcohol can damage the nipples, so it can't be used.
  (2) the baby and the mother should take a relaxed attitude. At the beginning, the baby and the mother are not used to it, so the posture is rigid, so some mothers are too flustered to hold the baby, so the baby can't suck because of the pain, so I hope that the breastfeeding mother can easily hold the baby, and when breastfeeding, she will sit on the bed or chair.
  Place the baby's head inside the trick, bend the upper body and let the baby sit on the knee.
  (3) let the baby control the breast completely. Hold the outside of the areola with the index and middle fingers of the other hand, turn the baby's mouth to the chest, and then place the nipple into the baby's mouth. At this time, never block the baby's nose with breast. Sometimes even if the nipple is put into the baby's mouth, the baby still can't suck smoothly, so the whole nipple should be put into the baby's mouth.
  A baby's sucking ability is weak. If the mother's breast is too strong, the baby can't suck milk. At this time, can squeeze breast early, make areola soft.
  It can only last for up to 30 minutes. If the baby wants to suck again after 10 to 15 minutes, he can pull it back and let it suck on the other side.
  If the baby is asleep, pat it on the cheek, wake it up and breathe again. But if the baby doesn't intend to suck, it doesn't have to. The longest time of breastfeeding is 30 minutes. After that, breastfeeding should be infixed.
  After breastfeeding, let the baby burp. After sucking, the mother can wipe the baby's mouth and chest with absorbent cotton or gauze dipped in warm water.
  Cover the chest with a clean towel, then button the clothes on the chest, hold the baby, put the baby's head on the shoulder, gently stroke his back or tap him, so that he can breathe the air he inhaled when sucking. If he can't breathe, he can carry the baby on his shoulder to help him breathe, burp, and hold him for a very long time. Put it on the bed and let it sleep. If there is still milk in the breast, use your hand or extruder to be careful of squeezing, and then cover it with a clean towel. These movements must be stopped after the baby burps to sleep.
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