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  What is postpartum confinement? What is postpartum confinement? Today, Shandong postpartum recovery training for you to reveal the answer.
  1. 由于过度的悲伤和焦虑,逆风哭泣和情绪低落,容易引起肝气郁积,造成气血损伤,气血停滞,容易失去营养,而粗心大意的风会侵入病原体。这个月的症状包括怕冷、怕风、失明、视力模糊(散光)、眼睛和眼眶疼痛、偏头痛和精子。恍惚和忧郁。除了活动关节疼痛外,还有麻木、抽搐、肿胀和疼痛。
  1. Due to excessive sadness and anxiety, crying against the wind and depression, it is easy to cause liver qi stagnation, resulting in Qi and blood damage, stagnation of Qi and blood, easy to lose nutrition, and careless wind will invade the pathogen. Symptoms of the month include cold, wind, blindness, blurred vision (astigmatism), eye and orbital pain, migraine and sperm. Trance and melancholy. In addition to pain in moving joints, there are numbness, convulsions, swelling and pain.
  2. 女人在月开筋骨之门,气血虚弱,内外空空,不小心侵入风,又冷又湿。本病的临床症状为:四肢麻木,屈伸差,头痛,头晕,肿胀,有花蜜,食欲不振,无聊,小便酸涩,全身发冷,有风,发汗无力,关节痛,寒。风痛症状加重,衣好,严重者在炎热的夏天穿棉衣,中医理论是寒邪化骨。女性在一个月内有100天的自然恢复期,她们的骨骼和肌肉紧密地结合在一起,这是很难治愈的原因之一。它们将风湿病和感冒的致病因素封装在体内,并不驱逐它们。它会在体内停留很长时间,损伤肌肉,导致严重的肌肉骨骼疾病。
  2. Women open the door of muscles and bones on the moon. Their Qi and blood are weak and empty inside and outside. They intrude into the wind carelessly. They are cold and wet. The clinical symptoms of the disease are: numbness of limbs, poor flexion and extension, headache, dizziness, swelling, nectar, anorexia, boredom, sour urine, cold, windy, sweaty, joint pain, cold. Wind pain symptoms aggravate, clothes are good, serious people wear cotton clothes in hot summer, traditional Chinese medicine theory is cold evil bone. Women have a natural recovery period of 100 days in a month, and their bones and muscles are closely combined, which is one of the reasons why it is difficult to cure. They encapsulate the causes of rheumatism and colds in their bodies and do not expel them. It will stay in the body for a long time, damage muscles, leading to serious musculoskeletal diseases.
  3. Postpartum hemorrhage is too much, anemia caused by uterine congestion can cause body collapse, dizziness, abdominal pain, low back pain and other monthly diseases.
  4. 本月禁止女性发生性行为。太多的性问题伤害了阴和静。阴气不足会导致肌肉和骨骼空虚。缺乏风病原体将会入侵。其主要临床症状有:除怕冷、关节痛外,主要有体重、乏力、腰痛、乏力等,部分患者有类风湿症状。
  4. It is forbidden for women to have sex this month. Too many sexual problems hurt Yin and Jing. Deficiency of Yin Qi can lead to empty muscles and bones. A lack of wind pathogens will invade. The main clinical symptoms are: in addition to cold, joint pain, mainly weight, fatigue, lumbago, fatigue and so on, some patients have rheumatoid symptoms.
  Because the disease is hard to cure, it's easier to treat this month. So once a woman gets sick this month, she should be treated in time. Otherwise, she will be ill this month. Although not incurable, treatment is very difficult.
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