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  Pregnancy is a matter of kidney qi loss, which is not easy to recover; some mothers do not sit well for a month after childbirth, do not have scientific conditioning, do not pay attention to nutrition and rest, and some mothers are premature or even frequently in the room after childbirth, which may lead to kidney deficiency.
  After upgrading to a new mother, some women may have to take care of their children alone and suffer from long-term physical fatigue. In addition, they may have to work under pressure to double their fatigue. In this way, a mother with children, work and housework has no time to care about her recovery.
  What are the manifestations of female "kidney deficiency"? If we don't pay attention to the following questions, we should pay attention to them.
  Early menopause
  Menopause does not require more explanation. Generally, female menopause occurs around 50 years old, while young postpartum mothers have menopausal symptoms such as amenorrhea, low sexual desire, irritability, anxiety and paranoia in the early stage due to "kidney deficiency".
  Swollen eyelids, dark circles, pale complexion许多产后妈妈早上起来照镜子时,会发现自己完全变了样:眼皮肿了(如果你注意到的话,有时候会扩散到下肢),眼圈难看,脸色苍白。千万不要以为简单是因为没化妆,现在提醒你,原因也许还在于肾虚。
  Many postpartum mothers wake up in the morning to look in the mirror and find themselves completely different: their eyelids are swollen (and sometimes spread to their lower limbs if you notice), their eyes are ugly and their faces are pale. Don't think it's simple because you don't wear makeup. Now remind you, the reason may still be kidney deficiency.
  Cold and cold
  At home, others feel that their body temperature is appropriate, but they shiver. They always wear more clothes than others, and have diarrhea when they have a cold.
  Insomnia, elevated body temperature, decreased memory有很多新妈咪在产后会出现记忆衰退的表现,我们一般称“一个怀孕傻三年”,总是忘东忘西,忘三忘四,记忆比以前下降很多,真的存在一个怀孕傻三年吗?事实上,它可能是由肾虚引起的。此外,一些新妈妈容易失眠、发热,这也是产后肾虚的表现。
  There are many new mums who will show memory decline after childbirth. We generally call them "three years of pregnancy and stupidity". They always forget about the West and the East, and forget about the four. Memory is much lower than before. Is there really a three-year pregnancy and stupidity? In fact, it may be caused by kidney deficiency. In addition, some new mothers are prone to insomnia and fever, which is also the manifestation of postpartum kidney deficiency.
  Infertility and dystocia
  Traditional Chinese medicine holds that "kidney is the reservoir of essence", which is mainly reproductive development. Female reproductive system gradually matures under the care of essence. If the kidney essence is insufficient, it will affect the reproductive capacity. If you don't take good care of yourself, your baby's plan may be problematic. Mothers preparing to have two children are paying attention to the fact that they have experienced childbirth, which has caused great damage to the kidneys. It is better to maintain the kidneys before childbirth. If the kidney does not cooperate, it is likely to lead to infertility!
  Almost every woman asks herself questions repeatedly in front of the mirror, but few people put body fat and kidney together and ask themselves: virtual is not virtual? But the fact is, one of the biggest reasons for your weight gain is kidney deficiency.
  Anorexia, nausea, frequent urination, constipation, etc.
  Some new mothers are always unable to eat after delivery, and eat very little. Even if they are very suitable for their own taste, they often can not eat. At the same time, there will be nausea, frequent urination or constipation. These are the manifestations of kidney deficiency in postpartum new mothers.
  Reducing immunity
  Postpartum kidney deficiency of new mothers is also manifested by decreased immunity, susceptible to cold, nasal obstruction, sore throat and other symptoms, the more serious kidney deficiency, the lower immunity, and sometimes even dizziness, tinnitus.
  How to invigorate the kidney in postpartum women补肾和滋补饮食
  Kidney tonifying and nourishing diet
  Every day is the main aspect of diet, whether it is normal or maternal food to eat every day, so this time for the newly born women, it is easy to have kidney deficiency, therefore, it is necessary to properly tonify the kidney to prevent kidney deficiency. It is suggested that some kidney-tonifying foods should be added to postpartum diet, such as yam, black beans, black sesame, agaric, perch, sea cucumber, scallop and so on, which will have better kidney-tonifying effect.
  坚持以下原则:少吃多餐。2. 避免盐、生的和冷的食物。3.食物应以高蛋白、低脂肪等为标准。
  Adhere to the following principles: eat less and eat more. 2. Avoid salt, raw and cold food. 3. Food should be high protein and low fat.
  Waist movement
  Puerperia, who has just given birth to a baby, is very weak and needs to be taken care of by others. However, we should also take appropriate exercise to effectively relieve it. It is suggested that proper lumbar exercise can not only relieve low back pain, but also make the kidney function. The choice of waist exercises should not be too intense. Taijiquan, yoga, walking and so on are recommended. These exercises are suitable for postpartum women.
  Get enough sleep
  Because childbirth will consume too much physical strength of the parturient, so at this time must ensure adequate sleep, and postpartum female friends because of the need to take care of the baby, so sleep time is generally less, if sleep time is insufficient, prone to kidney deficiency. It is suggested that babies sleep and Baoma sleep with them, which can greatly increase the sleep time and prevent kidney deficiency.
  Multi bubble feet
  Postpartum women's body is relatively weak, so often feel cold, if the hands and feet are always cold, it will lead to insufficient kidney qi, leading to kidney deficiency. It suggests that foot bubbles can warm the body and increase Yang Qi, thus playing the role of tonifying kidney and tonifying Yang.
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