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Many expectant mothers begin to worry about cleaning during the month before they have a baby. Should they not take a bath for a month, as the old people say? How can clean-loving young mothers stand it? Can they clean their bodies during the month as usual? On this issue, Xiaobian also consulted the teachers of post-natal recovery in Shandong Province. Now let's learn something about post-natal bathing together.
It is very unscientific for a puerpera to sit in the month without taking a bath. During childbirth, the puerpera will sweat a lot, and the sweat will increase after childbirth. Because the new mother bleeds a lot during childbirth, plus sweating, lumbar acid, abdominal pain, very wasting physical strength, blood, muscles and bones are weak, at this time it is easy to feel the wind, cold and dampness evil. Because people's scientific knowledge was limited at that time, there was a taboo that they could not take a bath.
Postpartum bath benefits: Postpartum bath benefits health
Delivery is not a disease, but a physiological process. The human body has considerable compensatory capacity for blood loss. Postpartum sweating is more, the reason lies in the discharge of excess body fluids. When pregnant, in order to supply the physiological needs of the fetus, the blood volume of pregnant women increased greatly, which was 30%-45% higher than that before pregnancy. From 32 to 34 weeks of gestation, the average increase was 1500 ml. And 90% of the blood component is water, which increases during pregnancy and becomes redundant after delivery, mainly in the form of urine, sweating is also an important way.
Therefore, maternal sweat gland function is active, excretion of a large number of sweat, to sleep at night and wake up more obvious, known as puerperal sweat. Thus, maternal sweating is not entirely physical weakness, but also a physiological phenomenon.
Maternal bleeding during childbirth and physical expenditure during childbirth will weaken the body's ability to resist disease. Postpartum perspiration, lower body lochia and breast milk spill, a variety of liquids mixed together, emitting an unpleasant odor, not only maternal uncomfortable, bacteria will also take advantage of the void. Therefore, mothers should change clothes frequently and take a bath in time.
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