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During the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus develops very quickly in the stomach. There may also be some fetal movements! Today, the Xiaobian of postpartum recovery in Shandong has tidied up four kinds of performance of good development in stomach.
1. "Sensitive response". Usually, high-intelligence babies are more sensitive in response, especially in perception of the outside world. After 20 weeks of gestation, the baby can listen to the outside voice. When it hears the loud voice, the baby will rebel in the mother's stomach. At the same time, the baby can feel the pregnant woman's feeling. If the mother is angry and crying, the baby will use the fetal movement to comfort the mother.
2. The law of fetal movement. When a woman is about four months pregnant, she can feel the fetal movement of her baby. If the mother feels that the baby's fetal movement is more powerful and regular, then it means that the baby is growing healthily, and if the expectant mother can get enough nutritious food, it will be more helpful for the baby's brain development, then the baby is born. It's going to be a high IQ.
3. Good memory, but don't look down on the baby, think that he is so small, in the stomach certainly do not know anything. In fact, the baby has memory in the pregnant mother's stomach. I believe that most pregnant mothers have such experience, they can feel the fetal movement, and when touched with their hands, the baby can interact with themselves and give a response.
4. Fetal movement is obvious and powerful. Usually, mothers can feel the fetal movement from 16 weeks to 20 weeks. Of course, the development of each fetal treasure is different, so the time for mothers to feel the fetal movement is different. Fetal movement can be used not only to judge the development of the fetus, but also to indicate whether the baby is intelligent and energetic. Some babies have more frequent fetal movements and greater intensity, which indicates that these babies have good development, so they are more energetic and vigorous, and their intellectual development will naturally not be very low.
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