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Postpartum recovery is the most important thing for a woman after she has given birth to a child. Many people regret the neglect of postpartum recovery. Today, Shandong Post-natal Recovery teaches you four criteria for judging the post-natal recovery, and the quality of post-natal recovery can be seen at a glance.
1. Weight loss is stable
Changes in body weight can also directly show the recovery of the mother's body. They also have a range of weight loss. After delivery, the mother's weight will drop by about 20 kg. It's mainly the sum of amniotic fluid, placenta and baby's weight. During the second month, the weight will continue to drop by about 10 kilograms. The main reason is that the mother should take care of the baby during the second month. In addition, this period is a process of detoxification. As a result, weight also drops. For those women who lose weight steadily, they generally recover well after delivery.
2. Evacuation of lochia is smooth
Postpartum lochia is also a sign of good uterine recovery. Postpartum lochia usually takes about 3 weeks to discharge, which can be used to judge the recovery of the uterus.
3. Good milk secretion
As we all know, breast milk is the most perfect food for babies. It is not only rich in all kinds of nutrients that babies need for growth and development, but also can drink freely and conveniently. Although milk secretion is a sign of healthy growth of newborns, it is also an important feature of postpartum recovery. If there is a stable relationship between milk secretion and neonatal consumption, it proves that postpartum recovery is good.
4. good mentality.
The postpartum mother's mentality is still very fragile. Major reasons are the change of roles, postpartum sensitivities, inadequate agitation and so on, all of which are the breakdown of the mother's heart. Mother's good mood is more conducive to the secretion of breast milk; for the baby is also a good thing, the mother happy baby can be sensed, so that the baby's personality will be very active. Mother's postpartum mentality is good, but also a good performance of postpartum recovery.
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