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Postpartum hair loss is actually a physiological phenomenon. According to statistics, 35% to 45% of the mothers will present this situation. Postpartum recovery in Shandong Province suggests that the main reason for maternal hair loss is postpartum hormone level and mood factors:
1. The level of hormone decreased. During pregnancy, due to the effect of progesterone, the growth period of hair will be prolonged, and with the fall of postpartum progesterone, the original overgrown hair begins to fall off, but the new hair has not yet grown, showing a "green and yellow" state, then it appears that hair loss is significant.
2. Change of mood. Postpartum mothers take care of babies day and night, feeding problems, illness problems, physical pain, family problems, mother anxiety, anxiety, panic mood, will aggravate hair loss.
In addition, if postpartum mothers are partial to food and diet, they may also show hair loss and ask questions. This phenomenon usually stops at about 6 to 9 months postpartum, not more than one year at the longest, and then recovers. So don't panic, if not serious, without special treatment.
Postpartum hair loss is a normal phenomenon, but it does not mean that we need to do nothing, in addition to postpartum hormone changes, stress, lack of sleep, unbalanced diet and so on may affect the healthy growth of hair. So we usually have to do these things:
1. Sleep well and be in a good mood
Husband and family to force, mother rest can relieve hair loss phenomenon, my mother also has to learn to solve the pressure and negative mood, learn to relax properly.
2. eat well.
Reasonable diet, diet should not be too greasy, prevent oily, polysaccharide, salty food, eat more vegetables, fruits, grains, protein, vitamin B food supplements.
3. Keep scalp clean
Skin sebum secretion and dust mixed accumulation, easy to cause folliculitis or scalp infection, thus increasing the probability of hair loss. Therefore, we must adhere to the scalp clean, not the key to fear that shampoo will aggravate hair loss.
4. Appearance nursing
When combing your hair, use a wide-toothed comb instead of pulling it. It's also a good choice to replace short, loose hair. It's also a good choice to reduce the number of blow-dyes and perms and not to do it frequently.
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